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  1. IS there a tool I can use to get the MBAE logs? thanks
  2. I have 800 Business Lic MB scanning for new pc's and pushing the install ver to PC's that do not have MB yet. is that the latest version? Thanks!
  3. basically what happened months ago we had a trial for MB and anti-exploit.Anti-exploit was not working well in our environment because we cold not white-list things we needed to. I removed the LIC and we were working fine for weeks. then out of the blue some users started getting anti exploit even though it was grayed out in the MB console. and getting the attached warning. attached are the requested log files from a PC that had the anti exploit after the LIC was removed and it was grayed out. thanks Vincent Lobaccaro mbam-check result log version:
  4. We own Malwarebutes anti-malware. We had a trial of anti exploit for a few weeks and I disabled it about a month ago because we were not going to use it and were unable to exclude some programs we need to exclude. out of the blue I started getting some users that were getting blocked by anti exploit even though it was not licensed any more. I was told to remove the lic. it was grayed out. weeks went by and a few users started getting blocked on an internal java program we use. could that dats have changed to start blocking something that was not previously blocked? if it is not licensed and gr
  5. getting a few install errors installation failed windows installer 4.0 or above was not found on Client computer most are XP PC's
  6. We have a few clients that always return "Invalid Format" as the last scan result. How do I correct this?
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