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  1. Feels like every 3 months another issue crazy!
  2. https://threatpost.com/microsoft-exchange-zero-day-attackers-spy/164438/
  3. You could also try Malwarebytes browser guard extension for additional protection it can be found here. Browser Guard - Blocks ads, scams, and trackers | Malwarebytes
  4. https://threatpost.com/microsoft-fedex-phishing-attack/164143/
  5. Yup just saw that update pull through now it appears that Malwarebytes just applies updates faster now probably (as soon as they issue them)..... Which is why i have not seen the application update its been even faster then me doing it. The applications performance has improved greatly these last few releases which explains why. I'm glad that im not experiencing any issues and was able to answer my own question.
  6. Has anyone received a database update since the installation of this beta? I have not seen one pull through on my end and i usually do! I'm at update package 1.0.37415.
  7. Browser Guard - Blocks ads, scams, and trackers | Malwarebytes https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/
  8. https://threatpost.com/tdos-attacks-emergency-first-responder/164176/
  9. https://www.greathorn.com/blog-new-phishing-attack-identified-malformed-url-prefixes/
  10. Thank you for all you do David you are a very important person.
  11. Look at both ends of this orb that was projected on my suit. It was very interesting. You can see the nose, eyes, and mouth,. I do believe I have a guardian angel.
  12. The next time i am redirected i will gather the link and submit it for the research team.
  13. Yup for sure it's very hard to track down i wish WHDH channel 7 the best of luck but at this point we try all we can do.
  14. A few weeks ago i reported that a cybersecurity news/media site Threatpost had been serving up malicious advertisement redirections. Now it appears that an actual local news company has also been affected by a similar incident. Threatpost has fixed this issue but i have also reported this issue to WHDH and they are still affected. The problem is these ad poisonings are very hard to reproduce and will not happen every time you click an article or link. I have tried all i can do to warn them but unfortunately these redirects are still happening.
  15. Thank you very much for keeping this noted.
  16. Researcher hacks Microsoft, Apple, more in novel supply chain attack (bleepingcomputer.com)
  17. In the original product MBAM you can "limit who can change you're security settings" I feel this should also be added to Browser Guard especially for people that have kids that love to disable security settings its very easy for someone to disable it. Please also give us the ability to password protect it.
  18. It is actually sad to see these kinds of things happen malicious actors can now use technology to take others lives. We all saw it with Germany when a hospital was hit by Ransomware killing a woman although it was not intended. Things like these bring to attention many important things in our society today. Unfortunately we have much work to do in educating people about the ever evolving dangers.
  19. I will also include my observations on this beta this has to be the lightest in performance of any MBAM 4.0 version ever released. I have absolutely no browser slow downs.
  20. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/hackers-tried-poisoning-town-after-breaching-its-water-facility/
  21. Yes it’s completely normal as a matter of fact mine takes just 43 seconds!!!
  22. https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/37707/incident-report/
  23. Are TDL blocks going to be more aggressive in the near future?
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