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  1. Well here I'm not completely sure what's going on but it's potentially very serious. Apparently Norton keeps showing up a window alerting me that a Bloodhound type exploit has been detected in my browser under one of my profiles (firefox) on my old computer that I require for work (it has my modeling program). I obviously cannot just delete that profile considering the immense data I need. In any case, Norton alerts me that is has been cleaned but then it started showing up a second and then a third time saying it was cleansed (but it obviously was not). At this point I became worried and looked more into Bloodhound (33). Apparently it's very high risk and can do some serious damage but it's not completely identified because Bloodhound is just a detection designation that Norton gave it and exploit 33 is the type of that class. I might have felt that damage too considering my Firewall (Comodo) has been acting strange lately as if it does not remember all the programs and connections I've allowed or disallowed. I was also forced to redownload Norton as if the program itself has been eaten away by something, so much so that hundreds of megabytes were just chunked out. Malwarebytes is working fine and I just did a scan with it. It DID detect some things but I quartined them all. This is obviously very serious, which is why I decided to reboot into Safe Mode immediately and am now asking for expert assistance. ​Please keep in mind I did the Farbar scan in Safe Mode. I am still currently in Safe Mode and awaiting further instruction.
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