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  1. 3 minutes ago, jboursier said:

    Going forward we will add a visual indicator in the UI when a build is an Alpha or Beta so that in case it is wrongly picked by a third party people will be able to easily notice when it's not a final version.

    Awesome. No more, or less, miscommunication.

    I told him you had reached out and I was going to give you his direct email but I don't think that is necessary now.

    You know when Marcin was in college building Malwarebytes the small crew at Majorgeeks (including me in a small way) was right there helping however we could the whole time. Marcin and Tim (Majorgeeks owner) have each others personal phone numbers. That's why I am kind of taken back with the attacks on Majorgeeks and I hope you understand that there has been no bad faith from Majorgeeks in their listings. I get that download websites have bad reputations but the team at Majorgeeks has supported Malwarebytes before it was even an final product and they do their best to only list clean software.

    Anyway hopefully this thread accomplished something. Everyone will know a beta release from a final release going forward.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Porthos said:

    Think of when the installer started pushing Browser Guard and also MB Privacy in install.

    Please don't get me started on the in-software marketing... 😡🤬

    Thanks for that information though. People do often get confused on the software vs installer updates and now I have an actual answer for the next time this comes up. I'll even send the Majorgeeks admin a message telling him he is unintentionally listing the wrong information.

  3. ToolsLib hosts 8.3 but Majorgeeks shouldn't? Maybe that's where they got it from. 

    I downloaded this MBsetup.exe from Malwarebytes.com. When I ran it the version installed was It sure looks like a new product number has been released and not just an installer version. I've been using Malwarebytes for 14 years and it fools me into thinking it is a new product version so again it's hard for me to accept that this is Majorgeeks and other download websites intentionally fooling people. In a few days to a few weeks from now the in app update will install v4.4.0.222 so the installer version and software version has always confused me. Thanks for clearing that up. 

    Is Malwarebytes also tricking users into thinking a new version is available? No. It's just a miscommunication between developers, download websites and end users like me. Like I said I don't think anyone is acting in bad faith here. It's a miscommunication. 


  4. Please explain to me how there was an update to the AdwCleaner Lifecycle page the same day that the 8.3 version was listed at Majorgeeks but mysteriously there is no updated version of AdwCleaner on the website? Somehow that update of 8.3 was released (alpha, beta, final, whatever) but then removed. Majorgeeks just happened to download the 8.3 version thinking it was a final release before Malwarebytes pulled it.

    I would have a lot more faith in this whole conversation if you just admitted it was released in error. Majorgeeks didn't make up the 8.3 version because you yourself confirmed it is real.

    I think it is kind of tacky to talk about one of the vendors in your partner program like you are. Majorgeeks isn't just some scraper website looking for clicks. They have been around longer than Malwarebytes and they have promoted Malwarebytes at the top of their home page for years. Someone on your end made a mistake and now there is apparently an unstable copy of AdwCleaner in circulation. I'm not sure why that is so hard to admit. Remember the time sUBs accidentally released a version of Combofix that infected machines with the Sality virus? That's just one example I witnessed over the years and years I have been helping on forums with malware removal. Mistakes happen. It's not the end of the world. Placing blame on people who downloaded a file from Malwarebytes is tacky though.

  5. You kind of just threw your 3rd party partners under the bus saying they can not be trusted. If that's the case Malwarebytes should pull them from the partner program altogether.

    You guys released this and then for whatever reason pulled it back because there is an update on the AdwCleaner Lifecycle website the day it was released, June 3rd. I know for a fact that Majorgeeks regularly labels Beta releases and Beta releases and update information is provided to them by vendors. I also know update information is provided to them by vendors. They don't have the time to go looking for updates from thousands of software programs every day. Sorry but the miscommunication is on Malwarebytes not Majorgeeks, Techspot and others.

    I'm really done this time. Like I said earlier I stopped worrying about this long ago and I am happy to let it go and stop worrying about it again.

  6. It was obviously released. Maybe on accident but it is available to anyone who wants it so to say it has not been released is just not true.

    Malwarebytes releases have been a mess at least for home users, for years, and it's something I am used to. It's just a shame when other websites have more current information. Malwarebytes was released yesterday but the MBSetup.exe from Malwarebytes.com installs a previous version.

    Either way, I'm done here. I stopped worrying about this long ago and just wait for the software to alert me to updates. The previous versions are still fully functional so I am protected even if it is a version behind. I only started this topic because someone from another forum was asking why v8.3 is available on download websites but not Malwarebytes.

    Later guys.

  7. There is no mention of beta on the download websites. They all list it a if it is a final release and there is also no mention of a beta or final release on the AdwCleaner Lifecycle web page I linked to above. There was a June 3rd release (alpha? beta? final?) but no official documentation.

    One website even lists a v8.3.1 Alpha but I downloaded it and the "About" tab shows it to be the v8.3.0 version released on June 3rd. The downloaded AdwCleaner program says it is v8.3.1 though.


    Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 8.3.0 Final (Majorgeeks - June 03)

    AdwCleaner 8.3.0 (Techspot - "Final version updated to 8.3" June 3)

    And multiple others.

    This is interesting but they do not link to anything official from Malwarebytes so I have no idea where the title came from. AdwCleaner 8.3 Final - Pulled back to Beta (June 03, 2021)

  8. Just curious why the v8.3 version of AdwCleaner is hosted at many of the download websites but it was apparently removed from the Product Lifecycle website. There is an update to the web page on the day v8.3 was released but no mention of v8.3. Was/Why was it pulled from the website and is this an unstable version that is being distributed by places like Majorgeeks, Techspot and others.


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  9. That's MY opinion and if you disagree the so be it. I don't really care. Try going to Download.com or MajorGeeks and accuse them of being thieves. They are download sites and like it or not 360 is a popular download. MajorGeeks and Download.com have a good relationship not only with Malwarebytes but with IObit as well. The download sites didn't do anything wrong here. If you think they did then that's YOUR opinion. Period.

    If you are trying to pin me into a corner with what IObit then do me a favor and give it a rest.

  10. http://download.cnet.com/IObit-Security-36....html?tag=mncol

    It's v1.10 but that doesn't matter. As soon as you update it you will have the latest version.

    You can't expect download sites to ignore a popular download for too long. The accusations aren't between the download site(s) and IObit. It's between IObit and whoever they have infringed upon.

    Download.com and MajorGeeks (Download.com mainly) host downloads that I consider spyware/adware so singling out IObit to be removed from their sites is a little over the top. If we go after them for hosting 360 we should go after them for the other downloads also.

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