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  1. 21 Windows 10 Pro or Home with 1803 or greater. Stand alone on networks with NO Server. On the “Displaying All records for all endpoints in all groups” Around 13/21 show a “Last Seen At” date that is 60 or more days old. Most of these computers are on every business day. ? I assume this means a scan has not been run during this time period ? In all installations I have run the “MWB A-M clean utility” and re-booted before installation of cloud version. I have followed the directions to “Add exclusions to the MWB cloud console” Symantec Endpoint cloud-based protection is on all computers. I have followed the directions to “Symantec Endpoint Protection Conflict” doc I have followed the directions to “MWB cloud platform exclusions list” on the Symantec firewall. Under “Status” I run “Scan and report.” When I check back days later it indicates 14/21 of the computers have “FAILED” Do I need to run and submit a “FRST logs” for each computer to resolve this? What can I do at my end? Thank you,
  2. I have a "lifetime" subscription with an ID & KEY on this computer. I was notified a new version was available so i installed it. [Version 3.2.2] When I attempt to "Activate License" I get a message: "The usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. Please check your license details and try entering your key again." This is the same computer that had the Lifetime subscription working for years. ??? How to correct this error???
  3. Thank you Dyllon, I will apply the fix next Wednesday when I next volunteer. In the future, I will be sure to remove, reboot, install when installing the Corporate version. Appreciate this service, Ramsey
  4. Dyllon, You wrote: Let's continue in this post, no need for a new one Here are the 3 saved logs from the other computer with the same issue: Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello again Dyllon, Back in town. I found all the files with the exception of the last two listed: rules.new and new.yaml Just to be sure I did the correct action, in Norton 360 I went to: "settings" > "Antivirus" > The Tab "Scans & Risks" > "Items to exclude from scan" > "Scan exclusions" I added all items in your list except the 2 I could not locate I am showing "hidden files" and I did a scan for the missing 2 files in File Manager and "no items were found" The issue appears to be solved for now. I hope it holds. Thank you for all your help. The other computer with the same issue needs addressing. You suggested I submit the same files and compare the outcome to this one. Should I start a new post or continue on this post?
  6. Windows 10 Pro 32bit With Norton 360. Both showing clean results. "Protection Disabled" under the "Protection tab" and cannot enable the two checkmarks. I have installed MWB Corporate & Norton 360 on around 20 other computers and have seen this on only one other installation. Is this an easy fix or am I infected? TIA mbam-log-2017-04-09 (11-50-08).txt
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