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  1. Interesting. I was assuming MBAM performed at least some heuristics on these, but probably I was wrong. I'm quite aware of that, and as I mentioned, we have solid perimeter security. Since you sound like you've done at least some work with mail security, do you happen to have any suggestions for easily cleaning up Exchange datastores, without spooling up complex trials of Exchange-level AV suites, or spending dozens of hours manually running Exmerge against lots of small Exchange deployments?
  2. Has the Malwarebytes team ever considered writing some basic integration with popular datastore systems like MS exchange? I've repeatedly been in scenarios where my perimeter security was quite good, but malicious items were already present in the system. Since most threats appear as email attachments, you could probably feed all attachments through the MBAM engine and see what comes out the other side. MBAM is an incredibly powerful tool for sanitizing infected machines, as well as finding new and uncategorized malware, I'd love to see it be able to operate on more than just flat files.
  3. Hey kakashi, I'm sure they'll be right on it. Usually they can do overhauls like this in a few days.
  4. Hi RubbeR DuckY (or other MBAM staff member), what's the current status of multithreaded optimization? My experience right now is that during extended length scans it's barely touching the potential of my SSD, and CPU usage floats just at 12.5% - 13%, which equates to one of my eight cores. Using procexp shows that the bottleneck is pretty squarely in the MSVCR100.dll thread, regardless of what stage of scanning it's in.
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