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  1. After doing some research, apparently some ads contained Malware good thing it blocked we from going to that site. Well thanks for your help!
  2. Great looking wall papers. Thanks !
  3. Every time I go onto this site, it puts me on a red screen telling me this site contains malware. This is a trusted site, its a teams site from a game I play called League of Legends. I also noticed lots of Ads on the site, could this be the reason why the website contains malware?
  4. I've been planning to buy the premium version, but how does it work? If I have 3 PC's in my house do I need to buy 3 copies of MBAM Pro? Thanks!
  5. Sorry about posting another one, i just started using the forums yesterday. Btw should I be worried about these inbounds and out bounds if i dont have mbam pro anymore? Thanks for ur help
  6. MBAM Trial blocked another inbound IP Address, different IP but the same port as the last one I got yesterday? Help? Today's IP: Port 41337, Inbound Yesterday's IP: Port 41337, Inbound I'm a beginner when it comes to these things. Help!
  7. Any results that have come back yet?
  8. Thank you Spud for your help.
  9. I have removed it from the exclusion list, but I was wondering if it's possible that the attacker has downloaded malicious things onto my computer during the time the IP was in the exclusion list.
  10. Thanks Spud! When MalwareBytes popped up telling me it had blocked this IP, in panic I accidently clicked exclude. I am kind of worried if any damage was done to my computer.
  11. Inbound that I got from skype. I was wondering why this was blacklisted? Any information? Thanks!
  12. Wouldn't I be vulnerable to these attacks if I'm in Free Version?
  13. Question, I am currently running MalwareBytes Trial is it possible for another attack like this to happen again when I have switched to MalwareBytes Free?
  14. Thank you for the fast response! I feel relieved now.
  15. Has MalwareBytes blocked the threat even though I clicked exclude as it popped up?
  16. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware popped up telling me it blocked 41337, inbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe. Stupid of me I accidentally clicked exclude and now i'm worried. Please Help!!!
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