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  1. I only use Windows Defender/Firewall and MBAM. I added the paths to both Windows Defender and under Windows Firewall Advanced Security, I added rules to add to both Inbound and Outbound the paths specified (the instructions in the post did not specify which area nor instructions on exactly how to perform, so I attempted to cover both Defender and Firewall). I do admit though that adding rules to the Inbound/Outbound of the Firewall does look strange in the list that is already there, but since the write up specifies Firewall, I was not sure if the write up meant Defender or Firewall. Nothi
  2. Malwarebytes still is not working. I am still getting the same messages/issues: 1) Cannot update to latest version (I just tried to click on update now, but get the same message that it is unable to access the server) 2) Protection is turned off
  3. Firefox worked, so thank you for the suggestion. Attached are the two reports. Fixlog.txt SvcRepair.log
  4. Unfortunately, there was no link to the "amended" Farbar Recovery Tool. The fixlist.txt is in bold and black, but when I put my cursor over it, there is no ability to save or download. The second phase (the ESET) is available for saving/downloading. Thank you.
  5. Please find both logs attached. Thank you for the continued help. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Also, under History, the logs are no longer there and the two threats are no longer listed under Quarantined. By shutting down my computer after sending you my original response, are the threats able to become "unquarantined" and begin working again (ie, Malwarebytes needs to be removed and redownloaded, then scan again)?
  7. Actually, there is still an issue. I just happened to open free Malwarebytes and it again states No Protection under the Real-Time Protection part of the Dashboard. The, under Settings>Detection and Protection, both Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection were marked as Disabled. Related to the Original Scan that I sent you, I still have not told the software to remove/delete the two threats, but the software supposedly has them quarantined.
  8. TwinHeadedEagle, I also have another potential issue. I just rebooted my computer and Windows 8 did not load properly. I have mine start in the "old fashion" format with the start icon and desktop. Upon boot, none of the desktop icons were present and IE would not launch. I was able to force shutoff. Upon reboot, the computer loaded everything okay, but I have to believe there is/are still issues present. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for responding. I was able to uninstall the premium Malwarebytes and install the free one. Upon opening, the software would still not allow it to be updated to the latest version, but I was able to perform the other steps and the scan did find two issues and I did Apply Actions as suggested which did require a reboot of my computer. Attached is the scan log. After the reboot, I did reopen Malwarebytes and the software did update to the latest version on its own suggesting one or both of the threats were the issue with Malwarebytes not working. I did not perform another scan.
  10. I noticed today that Malwarebytes Anit-Malware Premium icon was not showing under Windows' notification icon area. I opened Malwarebytes from the desktop and the dashboard shows Database Version as "Unable to access update server" and the Real-Time Protection is stating "No protection". I clicked on Fix Now and Update Now, but nothing happened. Under Settings, I found both the Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection were both Disabled, so I clicked Enabled for both. I also notice that under Detection Options the Scan for rootkits was not marked, so I marked it as well. I went
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