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  1. Ron, I've run into an issue, I get the message "cannot import (path of .reg file): Error accessing the registry." I've also tried right clicking and merging but that gives same message. Should I continuing resetting browsers or wait til reg import is successful? Thanks B
  2. Hi Ron, Sure do appreciate the service you all provide. I've performed the step you had asked, please see attached. BTW host file had a lot of sites pointing to loopback. Thank you Rkill.txt RKreport.txt SystemLook.txt
  3. Hi T.H.E. I re ran an update, and a fresh scan but same booger is there. Please see attached. Thanks for any assistance B 10-18-report.txt
  4. I'm going to scan again tomorrow and post those results.
  5. I just re scanned and sent detected file to quarantine. These are the results of that scan. scanresults.txt
  6. ok I loaded the new version and scan results attached. I didn't select "apply" on the quarantine option for now. Have a good weekend new_mwb.txt
  7. ok I just applied the reg change rebooting now and I'll kick off a scan.
  8. been rather tied up away from the computer, should be able to get you the info this evening. Thanks
  9. crazy thing is back, at least says the scan. Thoughts? Thank you for your time. mb-scan.txt
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