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  1. Hello -- NP -- so if I want to start the free trial, just do the install again?
  2. Hello -- I just installed Mbytes and at the end of the install, I un-checked the free trial and starting it at that point -- Can I go back now opted in for the free trial?
  3. Thanks for the info -- So, If I am using a paid version of malwarebyte, I can safely turn off MS Defender?
  4. Hello -- Does "ms defender" try to do the same as malware-bytes? Also, with the free version, the "quick scan to grayed out -- is this by design? Thanks
  5. Hello -- is the "hyper scan" available with the free version?
  6. umm ... false issue ... norton KIS was in a time-out and the firewall was confused
  7. Hello -- The dashboard indicates that the database is out of date I select "fix" and it says that It contact the update server Can I do the update manualy?
  8. Thanks for the links .... I did a "regular" uninstall and it seemed to work OK -- would I still have to run the clean tool?
  9. Hello -- THanks for the info .... I am not sure if its connected, but there seemed to be some correlation between with this issued started and when I installed malwarebytes I did start with verion 1.71 of the code then installed the 2.0.2 version on top of that Just to make sure that isnot any connection, I uninstalled MB to see if the issue happens again Again, thx for your help fpe
  10. Hello -- Thanks for the reply .... Just to be clear, its not the "exe" file that you are suugesting be removed, but the entry in the registery that marks its to run in "compatibility mode" ? Also, some of the listings are windows (system) programs lie IE and MMC -- I would think that these are set up this way my microsoft Is that not the case?
  11. Hello -- thanks for the reply -- can you point me to the item(s) in the attached files that lead you to conclude that the pc is infected? Thanks
  12. ok -- Here are the files as plain text Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  13. Hello -- Thanks for the info -- here are the files / logs in the zip fpefpe logs.zip
  14. Hello -- about a week ago my win7 system started to sorta freeze -- I could move the mouse and even start some programs – the issue seems to be connected to the network adaptor in some way I had a browser open and tried to open a new tab and it would not open I then was able to open a cmd window and I issued ipconfig and I got back info but when I issued ipconfig /all the command never returned to the cmd prompt I tried to shutdown the computer but it would not shutdown -- I had to power it down the pc. I then restarted and I responded to boot prompt to start normally and it started ok I am not sure if this started about the same time I installed MalwareBytes (premium, v2) – If I were to deactivate and uninstall (to rule out malwarebytes) – will my license still be ok and will the objects in quarantine still stay on the disk? Any suggestion on how to figure out what is going on would be appreciated thanks fpe
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