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  1. Thank you very much for your help and fast replies.
  2. Hello! A few days ago I've started playing "Don't starve together" game from Steam with my friend. As soon as I opened the "browse for servers / games" menu and while the servers were loading in the list, Malwarebytes started to block this IP: ( and quite a few times. My friend who is using BitDefender said that his antivirus did not block it and called me a paranoid. Could you please check it? I am quite worried if it is false or true. I've provided 2 screenshots and a log file. I've scanned my PC, I am pretty sure it is clean. RTP detection 123.1
  3. This is a known problem from yesterday. Check and read the first post in this topic from "News" area of the forums.
  4. Update it to: 2016.12.02.10 (latest update, att the moment of writing this msg). It was a problem with one of today's updates. I had it as well.
  5. I have updated MBAM and the messages no longer show. I had similar messages blocking: "gz.symcd.com" and "ss.symcd.com" when accesing Yahoo, Google and some other known sites. Problem seems to be fixed now.
  6. So you're saying that Google's server gstatic itself spreads PUPs ? I don't think so. Maybe it was a coincidence for you.
  7. Just have patience and check for updates again later.
  8. Yes, that fixed it. That was a fast fix.
  9. Here as well. I just updated to the latest Malwarebytes Anti Malware database version and this message appears when I access the Google website.
  10. No problem about the delay. Thank you for your answer. It looks like the IP mentioned above has finally stopped contacting my IP / PC. If it occurs again, I will simply let Malwarebytes block it till they get bored of contacting my IP.
  11. Hello! Malwarebyes Anti-Malware has recently started to block this IP: This IP keeps showing again and again pretty often while I am browsing around the web or even when I am not using my PC. (Desktop idle, no applications running) Shows as this: Detection, 4/21/2015 9:28:36 PM, SYSTEM, , Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,, 0, Inbound, (I've removed my system name from the above line) Can you please check this IP and do some sort of research on it? Is it false or not?
  12. Understood, I will look for a firewall and I will most likely purchase Malwarebytes after the 14 days trial period. By any chance do you know which firewalls or antivirus softwares are incompatibile/compatibile with Malwarebytes? So I can know what to look for.
  13. I understand, sorry for the naive question but how can i add these to the Windows Firewall? I'm running Windows XP. Also, I am currently running the Premium Trial version which stands for 14 days as far as I understood. I will keep it running but... After these 14 days, IP blocking and the other Malwarebytes options will no longer work? Will it be deactivated?
  14. Thanks for your quick reply ! Appreciated ! No, I don't play Minecraft at all. I have never installed Minecraft. I have the same opinion as you. On 9/9/2014 I've installed Malwarebytes and it removed 3 threats (added them to quarantine) then Malwarebytes restarted my pc and I think they're trying to re-establish connection now. Anything I could do about these? Should I send you the scan log from 9/9/2014?
  15. Hi ! Malwarebytes blocked these inbound IPs while I wasn't doing anything at the computer. I did all sort of scans with Malwarebytes and it found 3 threats which successfully got moved to quarantine. I get no other strange behaviour but certain IPs keep coming at random times. I also scanned with NOD 32 Antivirus(latest version) and it didn't find further problems. Also, PC seems to run ok except from these inbound blocking messages. IPs:, 0, Inbound, 0, Inbound, 0, Inbound, 0, Inbound, 0, Inbound, 0, Inb
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