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  1. I do have AV. I use Windows Essentials for live protection. I also scanned my computer with it after the fact just to be sure.
  2. I don't know the URL because I was in incognito mode and after closing down Chrome, I lost the site.
  3. Sorry if this has been discussed already. I was online and then I all of the sudden got redirected to one of those FBI scamsites that lock up your browser and tell you to pay up and stuff. After ending the task through the task manager, I immediately updated my AV (Malwarebytes of course) and scanned it. The scan turned out to not find anything. However, seeing as I'm paranoid, I wanna know if I'm safe. Have I gotten a virus that my AV can't detect or not. Basically, I'm asking if I should reformat my computer or not. Thanks for your replies and happy new year!
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