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  1. Actually, I really have no idea how exactly this came about, but my computer slowed down massively today after my roommate borrowed it... and while i have your software installed already and a good AV (i use avg free) i was worried that something might have slipped past. first things first i wanted to see what was hogging the cpu and memory if possible so i tried to start task manager, but i could not. the program would seem to run as i would not get any error messages and i could see the small cpu meter in my system tray notification area, but the actual window would never display. also for some reason on the graph it would fluctuate from 0 to 100% cpu usage rapidly nonstop. computer seemed stable and usable albeit very bogged down. strange. the only thing a scan with mbam pulled up was that same Hijack.displayproperties and i read this whole thread and dismissed it initially until some more googling pulled up a few sporadic accounts of people who had changed this registry entry back and had their performance problems go away... so i am not really sure still what changed it and how, but for me, setting it back to 0 has eliminated the problem as far as i can see, although i am going to run another full AV and mbam scan on my computer and leave it running as i go sleep! let me know if you need anymore information for your purposes, and also thanks for a great piece of software! ~chris
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