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  1. Oh and if you could help me completely remove the IOBIT thing from my pc, as I have removed the program and files but the registry things or tasks still seem to remain. I would be very grateful.
  2. Ahh I see, for now then I guess it's best to just run the scan with no truecrypt drives loaded. I assume it's way more likely that any malware be located in my C:\ drive than any data drives? Do you have an estimate on when the next release will be out roughly? As obviously i'd like to be able to scan my truecrypt volumes. Lastly i'd just like to ask if I am having problems when scanning a truecrypt volume, if I got the Malwarebytes premium version do you think the real-time protection would also have issues and just crash randomly? I would like to support malwarebytes so would like to get the premium version if it would work. Can I ask exactly what the real time stuff does, is it just like antivirus which checks for downloads and running processes for any signs of malware. Would it clash with my antivirus real-time and application processes (I am using ESET) or with spybot if I decide to also use that real-time protection. I know you should not use more than 1 antivirus but i'm not sure about anti malware real-time stuff. Thanks again!
  3. Did the removal and re-installation process. Still get a BSoD unfortunately.
  4. First of all for iObit game booster I found the folder specified, there were no programs in there, it just looks like a leftover few files from when I had their stupid game booster software. I removed it but when using FRST again it still shows the following, even though the folder and files specified do not exist anymore, I have windows set to show hidden files and protected system files so if it's there I should see it: In FRST- S3 WinRing0_1_2_0; \??\C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Game Booster 3\Driver\WinRing0x64.sys [X] In Addition- Task: {2CA13563-58F7-40D5-9D38-58C8420FCBF8} - System32\Tasks\Game_Booster_Startup => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Game Booster 3\gbtray.exe Task: {DD2F7305-141E-4610-BF9B-6978A5E63285} - System32\Tasks\Game_Booster_AutoUpdate => C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Game Booster 3\AutoUpdate.exe As for Truecrypt, that does seem to be the problem. I'll go through my process with you. Dismounted my D and E drives (games and data) and turned off Truecrypt. Ran a Threat scan- No BSoD. With Truecrypt still closed, ran a full custom scan of C drive with rootkits and everything possible- No BSoD. Loaded Truecrypt but did not mount any encrypted volumes- No BSoD. Loaded my Encrypted Data and Games drives- BSoD with the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL code as shown above.So it clearly is Truecrypt that is the problem. It's really weird as i've scanned inside and with Truecrypt containers before in the past with Malwarebytes and never ever had a problem. This is problematic as I need to be able to scan my data files for any malware as well. Some additional information: when I ran the MBAM in safe mode, it ran perfectly. Then after rebooting the PC truecrypt had somehow possibly lost permissions and thought it was in "portable mode" and thus would not load my favourite volumes until I reinstalled it. I will try the MBAM clean uninstall method anyway to see if that solves the problem and will let you know how that gets on.
  5. Hi Advanced Setup, Thanks for the tips. First of all, do you think Truecrypt could be the problem? Disabling it would cause me a few problems as my data and games drives are encrypted. However I will unload them and disable it and just scan my C:\ drive only and see if that helps. Will closing the program itself be enough or do I have to remove any instances in task manager? If this still gives me a BSoD ill try the clean uninstall. I did reinstall the program but will admit I did not try the clean uninstall process so will try that out next. Lastly it is disturbing that IObit would steal code from you for their own services and of course I do not want to support any company (or trust any company) who would steal from another. However I am not certain what piece of software I have of theirs. I don't think it is any of the antivirus or malware stuff but I am not certain. At the moment I use Eset Smart Security as my AV and Firewall, for anti malware I use: EMSISOFT Anti Malware, Spybot search and destroy 2, Spyware blaster, windows defender and of course Malware bytes. For anti junkware I use both JRT and AdwCleaner and finally I use the anti rootkit scanner in Spybot to scan for root kits but have also now got the MBAR as well. I don't know if all of these are overkill or not enough but personally I have found items on each of these that others have not so perhaps not bad at all. If you can recommend any addition regular scans other than the ones I use mentioned above I would be very greatful. Also if you tell me what IObit software is used and how to uninstall the piece of rubbish I will get onto that as well. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for being so friendly and helping me get the right data ready for the staffers. Also thanks to the staff in advance . It's really annoying to get the BSoD but at least it isn't like some other posts I read where they get it randomly, at least it only happens when I run MBAM. I'm off to bed now, thanks for the assistance .
  7. Ahh I had to Zip them, not off to a good start XD. Hehe although it is 2.47am so please excuse me. Here are the minidump files. . minidumps.zip
  8. A quick question, is there any other way to post minidumps other than to attach them as it says I am not permitted to post that type of file to the forum. The files I have are in .dmp format.
  9. Hi Daledoc1, thanks for the warm welcome and thanks for letting me know about the first diagnostic files. They are attached . Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance . I've been using Malwarebytes for quite some time now as part of my toolkit of antivirus/antimalware software. I have never had a problem with it until I got to one of the latest releases, when the layout changed dramatically to the new layout. Since then, I cannot complete a scan without getting a BSoD. I have tried disabling my firewall when scanning, to no avail. Sometimes the BSoD occurs when scanning Filesystem Objects and sometimes during Heuristic Analysis. The First BSoD occurs generally when it happens during scanning Filesystem Objects and the second when performing Heuristic Analysis (the one with the SwissArmy file in the image). Both of these happen even with just a basic Threat Scan. I have tried scanning in safe mode and this works perfectly, finding no malware. Hope you can help as this is really annoying, I would like to go back to having no problems with this great piece of kit. Thanks in advance, Adam
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