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  1. I tested it wiht all the sticks. Have somehow fear to open it and wreck the system by doing any ill-done RAM stick removing, but I'll see if that is the source
  2. Don't worry, I'll see what I can do here So, shall I need to do the other tests? And which of the stress tests on video card and CPU I need to do, since are too many
  3. If my current monetary situation allowed me to afford it...
  4. Nevermind, found it at the boot flash drive I made Sending it right now MemTest86-Report-20190307-211029.zip
  5. I am sure the mobo wasn't replaced as recently, I meant Well, I did teh memtest, but I can't find where the file is saved so I can upload here
  6. The PSU is the one I know it was being replaced, it was about two or three years ago because of a thunderstorm who burned it. The motherboard I think it was replaced but I really wonder that isn't, but I must been mistaken. The issue with BSODs only happened some days from now and computer sometimes acts smooth without them and other days It appear once, twice or more
  7. I remind I've bought the computer a long time, the I believe 2012 or 2013, only changed the power source and some motherboard stuff so far as I can recall
  8. EDIT: Had to reboot to do the Perfmon, so here it is perfmon.zip
  9. I don't know what to do These days there was a lot of BSODs here with multiple messages such as -BAD POOL HEADER/CALLER -PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA (this was the most recent, as I was doing the Sysnative scan, and pointed me to win32kfull.sys file as the issue) -KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE and others I don 't know what causes that, tried to install drivers or uninistall stuff and even are days there is no BSOD, but they always come back. I have a W10 Enterprise 64bits here btw Here are the files (The Sysnative I had to stop it due to being stuck at Waiting for SystemInfo and decided to interrupt and zip by myself) And the Perfmon it says there I can't make the report as 'somehing was using the data collecting' SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  10. Did that. So far nothing weird happened, MBAM and Chrome not acting weird (that maks me feel it was some sort of 'extension going awry')
  11. I took a look somewhere around the web and there is actually nothing about this issue. Could not dig much into Bleeping Computer, but for what I saw, no one mentioned this
  12. Would that mean that Chrome users might be some sort 'vectors' from exploiting attack or some sort of it?
  13. I don't actually know if this is a malware, but now MBAM's web protection keeps blocking a website named: check.chrome-request-com Also leads to this IP Checked to see if there is any extension or even hijacking but nothing. Also MBAM scan said no-no to malware/trojan infection. Is there something wrong or just some update again doings its wreckage?
  14. I actually do have Avast installed and I don't know if there is any conflict between both
  15. Yesterday, MBAM here asked me to update to 3.0.6. version and so I did. I tried to do a scan but some issues appeared -The 'regular scan' (the full one) doesn't go to the end. Usually it stucks to scan a file (mostly an exe one) and stay there for minutes not moving to scan another file or end the scan; -In other versions, just pressing the 'x' window button made the MBAM go to the tray and the scan continue. This version the scan stops (and doesn't appear at the log list) and the worse it's when I open MBAM to see if it works, its says Malware protection is off and I have always to turn on again. Is this happenign with someone else?
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