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  1. I tested it wiht all the sticks. Have somehow fear to open it and wreck the system by doing any ill-done RAM stick removing, but I'll see if that is the source
  2. Don't worry, I'll see what I can do here So, shall I need to do the other tests? And which of the stress tests on video card and CPU I need to do, since are too many
  3. If my current monetary situation allowed me to afford it...
  4. Nevermind, found it at the boot flash drive I made Sending it right now MemTest86-Report-20190307-211029.zip
  5. I am sure the mobo wasn't replaced as recently, I meant Well, I did teh memtest, but I can't find where the file is saved so I can upload here
  6. The PSU is the one I know it was being replaced, it was about two or three years ago because of a thunderstorm who burned it. The motherboard I think it was replaced but I really wonder that isn't, but I must been mistaken. The issue with BSODs only happened some days from now and computer sometimes acts smooth without them and other days It appear once, twice or more
  7. I remind I've bought the computer a long time, the I believe 2012 or 2013, only changed the power source and some motherboard stuff so far as I can recall
  8. EDIT: Had to reboot to do the Perfmon, so here it is perfmon.zip
  9. I don't know what to do These days there was a lot of BSODs here with multiple messages such as -BAD POOL HEADER/CALLER -PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA (this was the most recent, as I was doing the Sysnative scan, and pointed me to win32kfull.sys file as the issue) -KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE and others I don 't know what causes that, tried to install drivers or uninistall stuff and even are days there is no BSOD, but they always come back. I have a W10 Enterprise 64bits here btw Here are the files (The Sysnative I had to stop it due to being stuck at Waiting for SystemInfo and decided to interrupt and zip by myself) And the Perfmon it says there I can't make the report as 'somehing was using the data collecting' SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
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