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  1. This member has two similar topics regarding the same subject, Reference: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/248968-managed-cloud-website-by-adobe-is-blocked-by-malwarebytes/
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    The website also seems to have a rep block...
  3. Hello @deucy14: I appreciate Brian Krebs' posts, but I wonder about his ability to stay current with the often challenging patch situation for Microsoft Windows without the advice of the true industry intelligentsia. IMHO, I believe he may be taking the word of others and publishing what he was told without the benefit of additional personal experience in a laboratory like environment. I place more faith in Susan Bradley, Woody Leonhard, and their "AskWoody" associates, for their posts at: https://www.askwoody.com/ The Internet Storm Center may occasionally have interesting posts. Even then, you rightfully do not let experts do your critical thinking. HTH
  4. Hello @PDS: Are you still with us?
  5. I agree with Dave. My test system's context menu MB3 entry was missing after the v3.8.2.2960 - 1.0.612 Beta2 update and was immediately corrected by toggling the Settings -> Applications -> Windows Context Menu Off & On again.
  6. Hello @slyphnier: Please read the following announcement from @AdvancedSetup a few weeks ago: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/3283-malwarebytes-anti-malware-history-updates/?do=findComment&comment=1317511 HTH
  7. Hello @PDS and Please delete all previously downloaded Malwarebytes .pkg files. Please download the applicable high integrity .pkg file only from: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mac-download/ Do not yet try to install with the downloaded file whose filename should be Malwarebytes-Mac- Instead, please upload that .pkg file above to: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload Please select the "Choose file" button and allow the rapid analysis process. Upon completion of analysis, please highlight, copy, and paste only the result URL to your next reply to this topic. Thank you.
  8. Hello @LiquidTension: Then of course my subsequent manual deactivation, through my.malwarebytes.com, followed by my manual premium activation through the license server could leave one to postulate a possible transitory DNS lookup episode. I use my ISP's DNS (Comcast) and it cannot be without fault. However, the Gibson Research DNS Benchmark utility has consistently reported the best speed result with them. Reliability is another question. Since the point of failure possibilities are still nearly limitless, is the practicality of coding a reasonably small amount of retries in MB3's keystone processes viable? As stated above, the re-licensing shortcoming was merely a brief annoyance for me. But for multitudes of license holders with low thresholds for difficulty, this may be an area looking for improvement. Thank you @LiquidTension. My test system, with v3.8.1 Premium, has since performed quite well.
  9. Hello @feromone: Make certain that the macOS system is up-to-date. Then do the same for the Avast Security program. If and when the Avast Security program is up-to-date, please be certain that the Virus definitions are also up-to-date. Please do not proceed until the above is completed. Please report all three (3) version levels in your next reply to this topic. Do an Avast Security "Full System Scan" and report any errors with great detail for the most efficient use of troubleshooting time and effort. A macOS screenshot of non-truncated information will be most helpful. Although your own web site seems absent of malware, it is in priority need of security/vulnerability corrections: https://observatory.mozilla.org/analyze/www.welovemedia.co Thank you.
  10. This user has a related topic at https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/699756/how-about-macs/ I have the free version of Avast Security installed on my MacBook Pro's macOS 10.14.5 Mojave. Its Avast Security stands at v13.13. I have been running Avast Security for several years and it has been quite well behaved. It is also quite compatible with Malwarebytes for Mac Premium v3.8.17.2526 Free Avast Security's Web Shield has kept me from a few questionable sites and has stopped access/execution of known malware. Your Avast Security Web Shield may very well be blocking questionable and/or known toxic URL/IP access. You may wish to submit questionable URLs to VirusTotal.com for a collective analysis. HTH
  11. Hello @LiquidTension: Both the grab and the license details have been PM'd to you. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Thanks to all for taking interest.
  12. It happens. It was short lived as I have read it here before and I was very well prepared. This is why I do not mind beta testing. I'm going to PM my MBST archive upon request this time. I truly am happy for all those whose update was trouble-free. Thank you Maurice.
  13. Hello Malwarebytes Staff: Upon reading this forum's notifications of v3.8.1.2950 being published, I closed all open applications on my test system and saw a message box announcing the availability of the update. I knowingly & intentionally did not deactivate my premium lifetime license as a test because this what millions of license holders will do. During the update installation process, the system displayed a second notification of the same update now in its install process. I allowed it as an experiment. My W10Prox64 1903 18362.175 OS was restarted and the MB3 GUI showed my previous Lifetime license had been replaced with a 14-day Premium Trial. With the reactivation attempt of my lifetime license, I received the not unexpected notice that the license was already in use. I then Deactivated All through hxxps://my.malwarebytes.com and retried the activation of my Lifetime Key and ID with success. To me this only represented just a few moments of annoyances. I can easily understand the frustration and anger of unenlightened premium license holders. Pity. Note: A post update mbst-grab-results.zip has been generated and is available upon request.
  14. Hello @NoneRain and Yes. That is the problem. The stand-alone perpetual beta 9 version of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW) you tried to install is intended to only run on consumer/home Windows based PCs (Windows 7 and above) that do not have Malwarebytes for Windows Premium installed. Neither the home Windows PC edition nor the business edition (intended for enterprise endpoint/workstations only) were ever intended for any Windows server edition. Thank you for your interest in Malwarebytes products. References: Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware for Business - Administrator Guide Please see page 2, System Requirements. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/200031-mbar-windows-server/?do=findComment&comment=1120129
  15. Hello Staffers: The previous OK response to a browser connect seems to be restored to it previous state. Thank you.
  16. Hello @HomerSimpdad: Though for testing I am using a 512GB Samsung 850 PRO, and likely using entirely different hardware resources, my results were not nearly as dramatic as your report. Can you confirm that you are using CrystalDiskMark v6.0.2 Standard Edition 64 bit portable. If not, please tell me which one you are using. When I have another opportunity (soon), I will carefully document my results in a reply here. Thank you.
  17. Hello @HomerSimpdad: Samsung Magician 4.9.7 is over three years old... Please try using the benchmarking test within Samsung Magician 4.9.7 and reply to this topic with your results with and without the Malwarebytes ARW module enabled/disabled. Thank you.
  18. Hello @HomerSimpdad: As additional data points for the Malwarebytes developers please answer the following: When Windows 10 was reinstalled, what version of Samsung Magician currently installed? To see if your observations can be recreated, are you using benchmarking software other than that within Samsung Magician? Which File System is the Windows partition formatted to now? Is the installation using Samsung Magician's Over Provisioning feature? What is the firmware version of the 850 EVO? Is the SSD firmware up-to-date? Is Samsung Magician's RAPID mode enabled? Thank you for the additional details.
  19. Hello Malwarebytes Staffers: In the recent past, and for years before that, the Malwarebytes license server connectivity could be verified with a common browser where an expected response of OK would have been returned. Now the license server returns a 403 Forbidden when tried with a browser. Although this new response still will indicate end-to-end connectivity, was this a Malwarebytes management approved planned change? Curious minds...
  20. Hello @Hyperwolf122: Although I too have Adobe's Flash plugin (NPAPI) installed in Mozilla's Firefox v67.0.1 (x64-64-bit), I have it set to the "Ask to Activate" option. That way I still have some control over the outcome if I have a choice. It is approaching one year since I used the plugin. HTH
  21. Hello @Hyperwolf122: Mozilla's Firefox has reported the highlight of what is at fault. Additionally the site wants the user to use the risky Adobe's Flash Player for their content where much of the industry has converted to the much safer HTML5 content. According to the following report, the site owners may not be taking the important security steps to protect their users: https://observatory.mozilla.org/analyze/www.transformice.com (BTW - the immediate above is the product of using BBC "Code" tags instead of "Quote tags.) Those with their own computer security in mind would ask if this site's content is worth the risk. If you ignore all the above, you would do well to run any downloaded executable content through VirusTotal.com for a cursory check of digital signatures and malware content. Be safe out there. Practice safe hex.
  22. Hello @Hyperwolf122: It is impossible to know without all the relevant details. It may be as simple as the exclusion of using a properly secure protocol. If you are interested in having this pursued at a professional level, please reply with the site's URL placed between BBC "Code" tags. https://example.com Thank you.
  23. Hello @Gt-truth: It is not a Firefox feature. If you select the first hotlink in Maurice's post, you will see this is a Firefox browser extension that must be downloaded/installed if you want its additional security protections. If installed in Firefox, this Mozilla authored extension installs in an enabled mode. Reference: hxxp://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/facebook-container/ HTH
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