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  1. Hello @verreniun and To help determine the cause of your system's issue, please obtain the following for analysis: Please launch that system's Google Chrome browser and go to chrome://extensions, toggle on Developer mode and note the version of the Malwarebytes Browser Extension. e.g. 1.0.nn Go to chrome://settings/help and note all the information in the version line. e.g. Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) Report the detailed description of that Operating System type, version, build, etc. e.g. Windows 10 Pro x64 1803 17134.523, etc. Does the system also have Mozilla's Firefox browser installed? In your next reply to this topic, please report the four (4) requested items of data. Thank you for participating in the Malwarebytes for Chrome Beta testing program.
  2. Hello @Bill01568: Additional information is required to analyze the system in question. Please read and follow the steps within the sticky, in this sub-forum, at Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps. Thank you.
  3. Hello @Whatsapp and Please carefully read this sub-forum's sticky at About the Malwarebytes for iOS beta program Then, if you understand and agree to the content of the above, go to Malwarebytes for iOS SignUp (Beta) and make the appropriate reply. Please wait for an email to the address you used to register at this Malwarebytes Forum. The email will have contained the TestFlight Invitation Redemption Code needed to join the Beta program. Repeat the registration process using your redemption code from your email. Please let us know if the above process is not successful. Thank you for your interest in this Beta test program.
  4. Hello @Tomari: 1) Now I have a better understanding. You may click on the password protected padlock near the bottom to unlock that screen. Please give that a try. 2) How to take a screenshot on your Mac HTH
  5. Hello @Tomari: Please try a Malwarebytes for Mac uninstall/reinstall: Download a high integrity release copy of Malwarebytes-Mac- and save this installer package file to the desktop for later use. If not already so, please save all work and quit all other open applications. If you do not have that Malwarebytes' premium license number recorded someplace safe, do so now. Open the Malwarebytes for Mac GUI and select: Settings > My Account > Deactivate License. This aids the Malwarebytes license server from exceeding a predetermined count. Then, while Malwarebytes is displayed in Mojave's menu bar, pull down the Help menu and select Uninstall Malwarebytes. This is the approved uninstall method. Once Malwarebytes for Mac has been uninstalled, restart the MacBook's macOS. When the macOS system has completed the restart, launch Malwarebytes-Mac- and install in the normal prescribed manner. Reactivate the premium license and verify that Real-Time Protection is already Started/On or can be made to do so. Please reply to your topic and let the forum know the status of the uninstall/reinstall. Thank you. cc: @treed
  6. Hello @Tomari and On my MacBook Pro, running macOS 10.14.2 Mojave with Malwarebytes for Mac, I have found two ways for controlling Real-Time Protection: Pull down the menu from the Malwarebytes icon on Mojave's Menu Bar and Real-Time Protection can be set to Start or Stop. Open the Malwarebytes for Mac GUI and with Dashboard selected, near the upper-right corner under Real-Time Protection, the protection can be toggled On or Off. Please reply to this topic and let the forum know if this helped. Thank you. References: Malwarebytes for Mac User Guide - HTML Malwarebytes for Mac User Guide - PDF
  7. Good luck and you are welcome.
  8. Hello @Raju: At this point, the standard advice is to store the encrypted files in a safe place and check from time-to-time for a future solution.
  9. Hello @Raju: As you likely have determined, that .onion URL is definitely on the Darknet and may only be accessed with a Tor Browser connection. Great caution is advised! If you are entertaining any thoughts of visiting that Darknet site, a Tails built USB stick or Tails built Live DVD might be the minimum safe method (Still Not Recommended) to isolate the C:, D:, and E; drives from being victimized again.. You are far better off recovering your data from your last backup, if available. TOR Payment Site
  10. Hello @jerseyjon and For the experts to commence an accurate analysis, please study the Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps sticky. Then, attach the resulting archive/zip file mbst-grab-results.zip to your next topic reply. Thank you. References: Malwarebytes Support Tool 1.3 User Guide.pdf Malwarebytes Support Tool FAQs
  11. Hello @Raju: What additional information details were given to you by the ID Ransomware site? Thank you.
  12. Hello @Raju and If indeed the encrypted file names end in .GDBC or .CRAB it still would be best to use the ID Ransomware site to verify with added certainty. Then, if indeed the files are Gandcrab 5.0.4 encrypted, the GandCrab Ransomware Help & Support Topic (.GDCB, .CRAB & CRAB-DECRYPT.txt) topic at BleepingComputer.com is a part of a clearinghouse of accurate and current ransomware information. Do not be lured by websites that promise decryption solutions. Scam sites are all too common. HTH
  13. Hello @itsonlyme: Outstanding! Please let the forum know if you require assistance again. Thank you.
  14. Hello @itsonlyme: Morpheus beckons. If you don't figure it out on your own, and if someone else does not post a procedure before I do, I'll post a Custom Scan schedule entry procedure later. It's only a bit different from the sole recommended scheduled Threat Scan procedure. Thank you.
  15. Hello @itsonlyme: Yes. You can schedule Custom Scans. All scans, including a Custom Scan, may be scheduled but only the Threat Scan is recommended. (Once per week?) The frequency of scheduled scans is left to your best judgement. Remember, your system's MB3 Premium real-time protections are always guarding your system. As I said above, data/applications are scanned in real-time as they are read/written. Perhaps if a system has not had adequate protection for a long time, an initial Custom Scan may be warranted just after MB3 is installed. Then, subsequent ROI is always determined by the user. Please keep in mind the wear and tear experienced by all mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). HTH Reference: Scheduling Scans
  16. Hello @itsonlyme: As a test: 1) Open MB3's GUI > select Scan from the left column > select Custom Scan near the middle of the pane > select the Configure Scan Button at the bottom of the Window. 2) In the new Custom Scan window, the pane on the right has the ordered list of drives "seen" by Windows 10 with MB3. You may need to use the window's elevator bar to move to the bottom of the list where that system's D drive may be shown. Or, you may stretch the window vertically to help view a long list. Attached is a sample view. Please let the forum know, in a reply, if this helped. Thank you.
  17. Hello @itsonlyme and If your Windows 10 installation is confined entirely to the C partition (default), a manual/scheduled Threat Scan is more than sufficient for a Malwarebytes 3 (MB3) Premium equipped system. If only data/applications are stored on the second (and beyond) drive, that drive could be scanned with a Custom scan, but it is never required on a frequent basis, if ever. As data and/or applications are read/written to/from other non-system partitions, MB3 Premium will monitor those transfers. HTH Reference: Malwarebytes for Windows User Guide
  18. Hello @AntherIT and Please consider following @exile360's procedures in Post #3 above. Thank you.
  19. Hello @boatnik: For the experts to commence an accurate analysis, please study the Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps sticky. Then, attach the resulting archive/zip file mbst-grab-results.zip to your next topic reply. Thank you. References: Malwarebytes Support Tool 1.3 User Guide.pdf Malwarebytes Support Tool FAQs
  20. FWIW: Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 update history HTH
  21. Happy New Years, Mike.
  22. Hello @baggins and Gathering as much detail regarding the crash may be helpful. A so called "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) screen will have needed narrative details. An application crash (AppCrash) may have displayed an error narrative box with details with a Windows Event Log entry. If the computer is first booted up into the Windows 10 Safe Mode with Networking, will the Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST) then run without a crash? Or, will the computer run FRST/FRST64 in Windows 10 Normal (preferred) or Safe (alternate) mode? If either tool can produce the requested output files, please attach in a reply to this topic. Please consider selecting the "Follow" button near the upper-right of this topic for immediate notification/email when a post is made to your topic. Thank you. Note: MBST will normally include FRST reports. Reference: 8 ways to boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode Farbar Recovery Scan Tool download and instructions
  23. Hello @Dave-H: After (N) number of helpful/meaningful posts, your account would likely be re-classified to the Honorary Members group where you should be permitted edit abilities. HTH Note: I am unsure what N equals as of today.
  24. Hello @MiceP: As this sub-forum's bot postings are set to request a gathering of data first, I would recommend a mbst-grab indeed be posted first and then await further instructions. Posting the grab gives Malwarebytes staffers a documented view of your system's present issue. A future issue may manifest itself in a similar manner, but beneath, conditions may differ. Yet, the final solution may still be the same. We are happy that your system has returned to normal.
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