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  1. It's a curiosity when Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 flags Inspector Gadget in a user's installation while their present VT engine hasn't. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/12c4dda923da181361cd09ff7e24dd41a0914aa1b4064971568cca701f6372fb/details
  2. Hello @Night_Terror: Despite the latest run of advised mbst-clean, the unfortunate result was a persistent imperfect install of MB3. I have requested that forum management move your topic to the Windows Malware Removal Help & Support sub-forum for continued and isolated assistance. Additionally, your system could benefit from minor cleanup. Thank you.
  3. Hello @Night_Terror: Please reply with the present state of MB3 and your Windows system. If all is not normal, please generate a fresh mbst-grab-results.zip archive file and also attach it in your next reply. Thank you.
  4. Hello @Night_Terror and The mbst-clean action seems to have successfully deleted a prior installation of Malwarebytes 3 for Windows (MB3) free. However, the install that followed seems to have failed. Out of curiosity, what prompted the mbst-clean in the first place? Please temporarily and completely, disable Bitdefender Internet Security. Then, run another mbst-clean to completion allowing for a repeated install of MB3 3.8.3 If at any point a Windows restart is requested, please do so without delay. If the above steps are not successful, please re-run the mbst-gather utility and attach the Grab to your next reply with the status of your computer. If the mbst-clean is successful, you may re-enable Bitdefender Internet Security and reply to this topic with your system's status. Thank you.
  5. It appears as if the above issue was resolved in the last fifeeteen minutes. Thank you.
  6. Hello @John A: Please note - I misused the word "Cut" when I should have sent "Copy". This is now corrected in #6 above. Just to see what would happen, I had been applying the new installer files "over the top" since the first MB3 > MB4 upgrade. My license Key/ID was carried-over in both cases. Perhaps improvements were made to prevent troublesome white space characters from being transferred. I know I could not Copy & Paste from a remote/portable text file kept as a backup to my.malwarebytes.com records. I'll try a few more variations and report what happens. Thank you, John A.
  7. Hello All: This is a consolidated list of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard documents/links: Install & Setup Install Malwarebytes Browser Guard Learn Malwarebytes Browser Guard Allow list and Support screens Malwarebytes Browser Guard Current website and Statistics screens Malwarebytes Browser Guard Settings screen Malwarebytes Browser Guard types of block pages Product Guide Malwarebytes Browser Guard guide Release History & Product Lifecycle Release History & News - All credit to @grahamperrin for the link suggestion. False Positive False Positive?(FP?), How to report - Please include: 1) Up-to-date URL detection link to the VirusTotal.com URL scan result and, 2) Screenshot of the block. Thank you. Reference: @AdvancedSetup's Support Documents
  8. Hello All: This is a list of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard documents: Install & Setup Install Malwarebytes Browser Guard Learn Malwarebytes Browser Guard Allow list and Support screens Malwarebytes Browser Guard Current website and Statistics screens Malwarebytes Browser Guard Settings screen Malwarebytes Browser Guard types of block pages Product Guide Malwarebytes Browser Guard guide Release History & Product Lifecycle Release History & News - All credit to @grahamperrin for the link suggestion. False Positive False Positive (FP), How to report - Please include: 1) Up-to-date analysis link to the VirusTotal.com URL scan result and 2) Screenshot of the FP block. Thank you.
  9. As of a few minutes ago, I noticed the Malwarebytes' Robot response to new topics (typically post #2) in the Malwarebytes 3 Support Forums seems to have lost their link to the .png files referred to within the upper "Reveal hidden contents" section. I wonder if a timely support contact with Invision can be had? The trouble has been verified on four (4) browsers here.
  10. Hello to All: From a very knowledgeable insider's perspective regarding macOS malware, Malwarebytes' Director of Mac & Mobile, Mr. Thomas Reed should be asked to weigh in on @chris_m_28's deeper questions involving the proprietary functional operation of Malwarebytes for Mac versus current cybersecurity threat trends. Thank you. cc: @treed
  11. Hello @LiquidTension: All is well again. I performed a deactivation, MBST_Clean and a MB4.Beta2 install. I transplanted my previous %programdata%\malwarebytes\mbamservice\config directory but the previous exclusions made no appearance in the new install although a setting or two did make it through. Repopulating exclusions was made less arduous because of a helpful Custom scan that reminded me of what entries I forgot. I remain contrite with the theory that my aggressive cleanup practice may be the basis for the lost MbamElam.sys driver. The prime suspect may be my ill conceived use of the portable bleachbit.exe 2.2 with over-ambitious parameterization. This being a poorly thought out methodology to minimize the file size/runtime of my licensed Macrium Reflect Home system backups in an effort to pack as many as possible in a 1 GB portable partition. Lastly, when activating our licenses, is it a new normal that Windows Copy & Paste, of our Key/ID, is no longer possible? Thank you again, @LiquidTension
  12. Hello @LiquidTension: Thank you for analyzing that amount of meager data. I will perform the clean install, discussed above, followed by a suspension of my manual cleaning operations. I will still post to this thread regarding any repeated MB4.Beta2 failures. HTH
  13. Hello @John A: It's always helpful to secure a MBST-Gather before valuable info is lost: Please follow only steps 1 thru 8 in the Upload Malwarebytes Support Tool logs manually procedure. Then, attach the mbst-grab-results.zip archive file in your next reply to this topic for analysis by staff. Thank you.
  14. Hello @LiquidTension: I am afraid too much time has passed for the first two directories to have sustained till now. The requested event logs archive however, is attached. Please chalk this unfortunate loss up to my use of the Windows Cleanup, CCleaner and the BleachBit utilities between MB4.Beta2's installation and now. In the event other possible remaining data is required, I will shut this beta test system down now and await further instructions. I do have a Linux system and a MacBook I use quite frequently. Thank you kindly for the exclusions transfer instructions. For myself, this will combine the best features of mbst_repair and mbst_clean. 1PW_EventLogs.zip
  15. Hello @nikhils & @LiquidTension: The MB4.Beta2 in question had been in continuous operation since its first day of public availability with only previously documented FPs found. Just after updating several user applications (one requiring a system restart) the MB4.Beta2 app failed to start with the W10 system restart. Forcing a Manual start of MB4 yielded the dreaded "Unable to connect the Service" notification: The attached mbst-grab (FRST - One month (created)) should document the apps I had just updated. I can easily afford to leave this beta testing system as-is if anything additional would be helpful to staffers/devs. Else the plan is to mbst-clean followed by a MB4.Beta2 reinstall. A Threat Scan with Malwarebytes Toolset's Portable Scanner was negative. I have quite a collection of current exclusions that will be troublesome but, c'est la vie. Would transplanting %ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\exclusions.txt be fraught with great peril? HTH mbst-grab-results.zip
  16. Hello @Seog and Looks can be deceiving. The installer in question is flagged by 33 malware checking engines. On the same page where a victim is to select the "Add & Start Download" button, you are knowingly agreeing to install a browser stealer which is likely the PUP you are being protected from. The average computer security conscious user would immediately reject this. Say "Thank You" to your Malwarebytes Premium! Please once again evaluate your decision to override the Malwarebytes warning. BTW - by not placing the infectious link in a BBS Code box <> , others could fall victim. Forum management has been requested to neuter that hotlink. Known safe malware report: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/17c89ca02d6ce1574e8f0d03dac34f4c04c34a30916cc536932dc93696633b41/details HTH
  17. Dear Lord teach me how to be patient. ...and do it NOW! -paraphrased
  18. Malwarebytes Browser Guard User Guide
  19. Also, what determines what Email address will be sought in the case of a system with multiple Email addresses? Does the extension want knowledge of all of them? Thank you.
  20. Hello @Moncrief: Please excuse this delayed response. Can you please definitively report that you are seeing "Inbox Helper" and not "My Inbox Helper" in the Safari browser? Thank you.
  21. Perhaps this post is not really required. This week's supplemental update to macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G95) does not seem to have changed the interaction with Malwarebytes for Mac 3.9.27 - 4.0.418. Reference: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210548 HTH
  22. Hello @Moncrief and Please follow the instructions within the first locked/pinned topic at the beginning of this sub-forum: How to remove WeKnow malware (and others) Then, please reply to this topic with the status of your Mac. Thank you.
  23. Hello @DowntownBrooklyn: Thank you for your false positive report. However, the FP attachment in your post #1 does not appear to be viable/available. Please make an exception for the Malwarebytes FP Tracker Tool as it is digitally signed/verified and checks clean with Virus Total. Also, the tool collects much more valuable customized data then was likely in your report. Reference: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6de9363a5c8fa6abb88c8aa127d0de91c7608b05766985f364092ff88c949658/detection Thank you for your consideration.
  24. Hello @roger_m: Both observations are most certainly worth the attention of staff/devs. Staffers will see your post. Thank you. cc: @nikhils @LiquidTension
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