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  1. Hello @JRKY and Thank you for taking the time to try this public beta and also for taking time to report your observations. You are correct. The only language supported in the early MB4 beta tests is the English language. This is both temporary and is called out by Erix above as item number seven in the Known Issues list. This has frequently been a practice of the developers in the early project stages as a long list of foreign language responses must be translated from the most matured versions of MB4. MB3 has been translated to dozens of languages, including Japanese. I would expect no less for MB4. Your efforts are appreciated and please do keep watching and trying MB4. HTH
  2. Hello @NeilA and Congratulations on your success and thank you too for your tenacity! It would be quite helpful to capture a MBST-Gather of the first two failed upgrades before that valuable info is lost: Please follow only steps 1 thru 8 in the Upload Malwarebytes Support Tool logs manually procedure. Then, please attach the mbst-grab-results.zip archive file in your next reply to this topic for analysis by staff/Devs. Thank you. cc: @LiquidTension @nikhils
  3. Hello @liewcake: We will need to wait for the BSOD expert/analyst. It may simply be a heretofore issue with the SysnativeFileCollectionApp software then. EDIT: An investigation of other computer user's archives in other forums does reveal a likely unresolved issue with the Sysnative collection utility. Thank you for your thoroughness.
  4. Hello @liewcake: Please recheck the date/time within your motherboard's BIOS settings as well as in Windows 10. The data and timestamp of the files within the archive you attached are not valid. Is the motherboard's CMOS battery installed correctly and not depleted? Erroneous date & timestamp example: December 30, 1979 at 23:00 Thank you.
  5. Hello @liewcake: A request has been made to forum management to move your topic to the BSOD, Crashes, Kernel Debugging sub-forum. As a general rule-of-thumb, the use of third-party utilities such as Driver Booster should be strictly avoided. Instead, the hardware manufacturer's recommendations should be your final guide. Please carefully read the content of the locked/pinned topic at Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows and sequentially follow the instructions within. Then, attach the requested files to this topic. Some likelihood exists that updated drivers and/or firmware are required to resolve your system's issue but please await expert replies before taking any further corrective action. Thank you.
  6. Hello @HifiTollo and The specific Malwarebytes AdwCleaner version you attempted to download has been updated several times and is now obsolete. You would better served by downloading from the generic URL for the current release version: https://adwcleaner.malwarebytes.com Thank you.
  7. 1PW

    Yahoo Finance Ads.

    Hello @rakka: Update: As was previously reported many months ago in the then Malwarebytes Browser Extension Beta sub-forum, the current MBG extension's error counter still will dramatically up-count for https://finance.yahoo.com/ during scrolling unless the Ads / Trackers protection toggle switch is set to disable, for that Yahoo domain, or its ad site's URLs/IPs are added to global exclusions. Of course similar observances can be made for other media sites, the Yahoo Finance site is still particularly active with detectable ads. HTH
  8. Hello @share3141: He has stated so before and recently he was quoted, about a month ago. Alexandru Dici, WFC's Developer, when asked if Windows Firewall Control would be integrated into MBAM: https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/windows-firewall-control-wfc-by-binisoft-org.347370/page-204#post-2845932 HTH
  9. Hello @AdvancedSetup: Yes - it's progressing nicely. I am beta testing MBTS at a minor level and I am working with Alex on an issue or two. Thank you.
  10. Hello @AdvancedSetup: Welcome back! Never hurts to ask on behalf of techs who may wish to mechanize a thorough multi-faceted scan. Thank you, Ron.
  11. Hello @fr33tux: I would like to renew the occasional request of others; if AdwCleaner is destined to remain the fine standalone utility it has matured to, then I would like to see a very capable CLI and a scheduler added for the same reasons others have submitted. Thank you.
  12. @fr33tux Hello Jérôme: I too have downloaded and ran the special build and submitted a valid email address. While you have our attention, is their something else special you would like us to do with this special build? Should we run it more frequently to glean more data? Many of would be happy to comply. My goodness! Over 5,300 downloads in about one-half hour... Thank you.
  13. Hello @MAXBAR1: I remember you posting that you were testing Catalina 10.15 and I also remember @treed posting that Malwarebytes for Mac would not install on a Catalina powered system. We also know that Malwarebytes for Mac 3.9.27 is not a public beta but is a release edition. Malwarebytes developers writing code for a moving target like today's Catalina Developer Beta 7 must be a daunting task... HTH
  14. Hello @Rossomike1966: We will see if they can permanently whitelist rarbg.to for your business/enterprise product. Thank you for your patience. cc: @Dashke @Zynthesist @djacobson
  15. Hello @Rossomike1966: The larger Content Delivery Networks (CDN) may employ rotating dynamic IP addressing. This is what you may be seeing. Sometimes a nested rotating dynamic IP addressing technique is used to thwart those who would intend harm to such providers. Amazon Web Service has employed similar techniques. This provides an elusive IP address while still rendering a stable URI. The information in post #3 should be viable if the domain name is used versus an IP address. If you like, please provide a screenshot of the Malwarebytes for Windows exclusion list. You have started this topic in a Home or Consumer sub-forum. Is the computer in question using a business or Endpoint Protection product? If so, please specify which Malwarebytes product and version the computer uses. HTH
  16. Hello @Rossomike1966: I have requested Malwarebytes forum management move your topic to a more appropriate sub-forum. You are likely aware that the website in question also supports the BitTorrent protocol and may be a potential source of serious and dangerous malware infestation. Please capture a Windows Screenshot of the warning notification and attach that screenshot file to your next reply to this topic. Thank you.
  17. Hello @Rossomike1966 and Thank you for your interest in Malwarebytes business products. I understand now that you presently use the business version Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v1.80.2.1012 We need to consult with the folks that assist in business matters. Thank you. cc: @djacobson
  18. Hello @Rossomike1966: If Malwarebytes for Windows (MB3) is blocking your computer's access to a URL that is being blocked by the Web Protection feature: Please download the Exclude detections in Malwarebytes for Windows v3 document. Go to the Exclude a Website Section and follow the procedure for entering a URL. Please remember to select the OK button to save your addition. Thank you.
  19. It's a curiosity when Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 flags Inspector Gadget in a user's installation while their present VT engine hasn't. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/12c4dda923da181361cd09ff7e24dd41a0914aa1b4064971568cca701f6372fb/details
  20. Hello @Night_Terror: Despite the latest run of advised mbst-clean, the unfortunate result was a persistent imperfect install of MB3. I have requested that forum management move your topic to the Windows Malware Removal Help & Support sub-forum for continued and isolated assistance. Additionally, your system could benefit from minor cleanup. Thank you.
  21. Hello @Night_Terror: Please reply with the present state of MB3 and your Windows system. If all is not normal, please generate a fresh mbst-grab-results.zip archive file and also attach it in your next reply. Thank you.
  22. Hello @Night_Terror and The mbst-clean action seems to have successfully deleted a prior installation of Malwarebytes 3 for Windows (MB3) free. However, the install that followed seems to have failed. Out of curiosity, what prompted the mbst-clean in the first place? Please temporarily and completely, disable Bitdefender Internet Security. Then, run another mbst-clean to completion allowing for a repeated install of MB3 3.8.3 If at any point a Windows restart is requested, please do so without delay. If the above steps are not successful, please re-run the mbst-gather utility and attach the Grab to your next reply with the status of your computer. If the mbst-clean is successful, you may re-enable Bitdefender Internet Security and reply to this topic with your system's status. Thank you.
  23. It appears as if the above issue was resolved in the last fifeeteen minutes. Thank you.
  24. Hello @John A: Please note - I misused the word "Cut" when I should have sent "Copy". This is now corrected in #6 above. Just to see what would happen, I had been applying the new installer files "over the top" since the first MB3 > MB4 upgrade. My license Key/ID was carried-over in both cases. Perhaps improvements were made to prevent troublesome white space characters from being transferred. I know I could not Copy & Paste from a remote/portable text file kept as a backup to my.malwarebytes.com records. I'll try a few more variations and report what happens. Thank you, John A.
  25. Hello All: This is a consolidated list of the Malwarebytes Browser Guard documents/links: Install & Setup Install Malwarebytes Browser Guard Learn Malwarebytes Browser Guard Allow list and Support screens Malwarebytes Browser Guard Current website and Statistics screens Malwarebytes Browser Guard Settings screen Malwarebytes Browser Guard types of block pages Product Guide Malwarebytes Browser Guard guide Release History & Product Lifecycle Release History & News - All credit to @grahamperrin for the link suggestion. False Positive False Positive?(FP?), How to report - Please include: 1) Up-to-date URL detection link to the VirusTotal.com URL scan result and, 2) Screenshot of the block. Thank you. Reference: @AdvancedSetup's Support Documents
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