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  1. Hello @bwlong57: That is great news! Cheers
  2. Hello @awei2019 and It is disappointing to read that you spent so much time and effort on this MBAM404101 error issue. Thank you for the valuable mbst-grab attachment. The Windows system of the computer in question must have unimpeded Internet access with all Malwarebytes Servers. For the Malwarebytes product licensing activation procedure to succeed and sustain, this condition, on that computer, must be corrected in either of two ways: 1) (Preferred) Reset the Windows HOSTS file to its default by following Microsoft's support document for the version of Windows installed using: How to reset the Hosts file back to the default or 2) With a text editor or the Windows Notepad, please open the HOSTS file at: %WinDir%\System32\drivers\etc\HOSTS Then, please permanently delete the following present entry line in the above HOSTS file followed by a save: keystone.mwbsys.com Then, restart Windows 10 and proceed to activate the Malwarebytes 3 for Windows product license. Please reply to this topic and let the forum know if the Malwarebytes license activation process succeeded. Thank you. Reference: Firewall Rules for Malwarebytes on Windows devices
  3. Hello @moo4x: Thank you for your interest in Malwarebytes Browser Guard (MBG). According to the https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ -> Tech specs -> Software Requirements publication, MBG is supported only with the Windows platform at this time. However, MBG seems to function correctly with the macOS Mojave/Catalina platforms. Perhaps a Malwarebytes Product Manager can comment further. In the meantime, have you tried MBG in an Android supported device? HTH cc: @rakka
  4. Hello @juninhovaladares: Thank you for the valuable screenshots. Please carefully adhere to the procedures in treed's stickie - How to uninstall Malwarebytes After the clean reinstall of Malwarebytes for Mac, please open the Malwarebytes GUI and confirm: The correct activation state of your premium license. (Select the main GUI "My Account" button.) The correct activation state of both Real-Time Protection features. If the above is now satisfactory, please run a manual scan as a brief functional check. Please reply to your topic with the state of the clean reinstall of Malwarebytes for Mac. Thank you.
  5. Hello @juninhovaladares and Please open the Malwarebytes for Mac GUI and take a screenshot of the window. Then, attach the .png file to your next reply to this topic. Thank you.
  6. Hello @Thorpy: It appears to be offered only to prospective buyers in your geographic area. The price of the yearly VPN subscription is certainly lower when compared to Mullvad's web site. Is this VPN subscription and discounted price point something you would rather not see offered? Can the discounted VPN subscription offer be easily removed from the shopping cart before final purchase? Thank you.
  7. Hello @Budding_Clover and According to the mbst-grab archive you attached to post #1, much of the Malwarebytes for Windows product install is missing. Please sequentially follow the procedural steps within the Uninstall and reinstall using the Malwarebytes Support Tool document. This is the equivalent of a Malwarebytes for Windows clean install. Then, please make sure the database has been updated as usual followed by a manual threat scan. In your next reply to this topic, please update the condition of your Malwarebytes product clean re-install. Thank you.
  8. Hello @Beenthere: Good news! Hopefully whatever was the cause has been captured in the archive you sent. Cheers.
  9. Hello @Beenthere: Hopefully the additional data you have provided will allow for a successful analysis. While waiting for an update from the team, please sequentially follow the steps within the Uninstall and reinstall using the Malwarebytes Support Tool document. This is the equivalent of a Malwarebytes for Windows clean install. Thank you again for your valuable cooperation.
  10. Hello @bwlong57: Perhaps you have captured/forwarded all that is necessary for a thorough analysis. We will need to wait for the MBG program manager or a team member for an update. Thank you kindly for your time and cooperation.
  11. Hello @Beenthere: Thank you for the valuable attached threat scan reports. Yes - the difference is apparent. To provide additional data for staff/devs, please read post #2 above in this topic and select/expose the hidden procedures just beneath "technical issues". Please sequentially follow those hidden procedures to include attaching the mbst-grab-results.zip archive file in your next reply. Thank you.
  12. Hello @Beenthere: In your next reply to this thread, would you please attach one (1) each of a Threat Scan report text file that shows the difference you are reporting? This would be a great value to Malwarebytes staffers/developers. Thank you.
  13. Hello @bwlong57 and Thank you for trying MBG 2.1.0 w/Chrome on Bionic Beaver. If the reported corruption takes place within the Chrome sub-directories, and is repeatable, would you be interested in trying MBG 2.1.0 one more time. Then, before the corruption is corrected, would you please capture the directory(s) of interest, and compress into a zipped archive, reply to this topic and attach the archive for Malwarebytes staffers/developers to investigate? Also, if the corruption notification could be recorded in an included screenshot, that would be outstanding! Your co-operation, time and trouble are greatly appreciated. Thank you. cc: @rakka
  14. Hello @Mickyyy: For many years, Web Protection has been one of the major features of Malwarebytes for Windows Premium. You may also wish to examine Malwarebytes Browser Guard Thank you.
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