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  1. Downloading and running the second program to get the CheckResults.txt seems to also be not working. The program will open but sit at a blank screen and seem to not do anything or properly execute. Also, I did successfully remove MBAM in safe mode using the clean removal process but again failed to be able to reinstall it. I since restored my computer the earliest possible restore date (about a month) which did solve the speed issues I was having with my computer but still failed to resolve the problems I am having running MBAM.
  2. Okay thanks for the suggestions here is what happened. Looks like I am running the most current version of MBAM. But, it also failed to unistall with error message saying could not find unins000.dat.Attached are the logsTried all the solutions for trying to get into run with no successThanks
  3. Hello, I am having issues getting Malwarebytes to open. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but it would not install Malwarebytes as well as 2 other Anti-malware software. I was not able to restore to previous date until opening it in safe mode which allowed me to restore to a date where Malwarebytes is still installed. But, I still can not run it in safe mode, also when clicking the chameleon shortcut I receive an error saying "the item that this shortcut refers to has be moved or changed." Following the path I was able to find the chameleon folder but all 13 failed to work. First saying failed to copy the master.conf file then attempts to update with error message saying failed to start the update, the successfully runs Mbam-killer finding nothing and finally attempting to run scan with no success. Any advice would be appreciated
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