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  1. I think that high DPI scaling is only complex when the OS is trying to accomodate apps that were written in old GUI frameworks which assumed bitmapped graphics with a fixed or small range DPI (e.g. near 72 DPI). If you use a modern graphics API, you should get perfect scaling behavior (for text and vector graphic images) with no effort because the graphics framework will know what your current hardware is and will auto scale everything so that it comes out at the physical size that you want while using the full pixel resolution to be crisp. For example, all modern smartphone APIs are
  2. I just checked, and under MBAM's Settings --> Display, hardware acceleration is disabled for me. I think that it was that way by default.
  3. My MBAM GUI under my current settings definitely is sharp, it is just way too small. If I do the Override high DPI scaling behavior --> System (Enhanced) hack, the GUI gets bigger but fuzzier. In terms of bigness, it becomes 25.5 cm diagonal, which is a perfectly good size and is what your GUI image displays at on my box. But the text is fuzzy, no good!
  4. Staff: thanks again for your reply. I have a Dell Precision 7530 workstation laptop. Its video card is an AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 w/4GB GDDR5. Its built in monitor is a 15" 4K. But I mainly use a much bigger external monitor, a Dell U2718Q, which is a 27 inch diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio fake 4K (3840 x 2160) monitor. My Win 10 Display settings are the same as yours except that I scale my monitor to 150% (otherwise the default text size is tiny). This is the same Display settings as Pluto. On my external monitor, your MBAM Reports image measures ~25.5 cm diagonal (I held up a r
  5. Staff: thanks for answering me. I was aware of your post #2. My point is that whatever you are doing, it is not working for me! At least, not from a default install nor if do the Override high DPI scaling behavior --> System (Enhanced) hack. If there is another way to configure this that I have overlooked, by all means enlighten me. Do you yourself have a 4K monitor, especially one about 27-32 inches diagonal? If not, you definitely deserve one! And once you try one, trust me, you will never go back. It makes that big of a difference. If you have one, does you
  6. I logged in just to comment on this issue. Like the original post, I too find Malwarebytes's text and icons to be ridiculously small on my 4K monitor. It is almost unusable. I hate having to use MBAM now, and I think that MBAM 4 is even worse than I recall 3 being... Like him, I also run my system scale at 150%. Why is it that some Win 10 apps behave absolutely perfectly, having fabulously sharp and normal sized text and icons, but MBAM does not? One (of many) examples of perfect behavior in Jebrain's IDEs (e.g. their Java one jetbrains IntelliJ or their Python one jetbrains
  7. I have Malwarebytes Premium set up to do a complete scan every day at 05:00. Today, for the first time, it flagged a file named MKVEXTRACTGUI- as malware. It is an installer for MKVEXTRACTGUI. I have had that file on my computer (in 3 different locations) for several years now, unmodified I think, and it has never been flagged before. I attached both my MBAM scan logs as a file, as well as the file MKVEXTRACTGUI-, to this post. I also uploaded MKVEXTRACTGUI- to virustotal just now, and nothing detected it as malware.
  8. I think that one of my relative's was tricked into letting someone take remote control of his computer a few weeks ago. Full details are below. My ultimate question: if he actually let someone take remote control of his computer, could they have infected it so deeply that it is hopeless to try and clean it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Full details: Wednesday evening (2 days ago) I emailed a 90 year relative's in law that I wanted him to run a Malwarebytes scan before I come to visit him this weekend. (I had been planning to do several computer c
  9. Thanks for your reply and for confirming my understanding. Old style mechanical hard drives have been pretty durable for years (a few decades?) now. The sole concern that I am aware of is with SSDs. It is true that SSDs do have write limitations. Key specs to look out for are "Drive Writes Per Day" (DWPD) and "Terabytes Written" (TBW). For example, my latest laptop is a Dell 7530 Precision Mobile Workstation with a Samsung 970 EVO 2 TB SSD. Its product page gives a "Terabytes Written" spec of "1,200 TBW with a 5-year limited warranty, achieving 50 percent higher t
  10. MBAM: I really hope that you are looking at this thread. I am a Premium user and I have a huge need for command line support I want to run a full MBAM scan every day as part of a suite of nightly processes. The only way to properly do this is to have a command line script that says "do process 1" and then when that is over "do process 2" etc. But because MBAM lacks command line support, I have to resort to scheduling scans. But that is a deeply inadequate substitute, because all the processes in the suite have variable execution times. So, with scheduling, I am forced to
  11. Reading the wiki link on reCAPTCHA more, is MBAM using the NoCAPTCHA version? The wiki link says: "Because NoCAPTCHA relies on the use of Google cookies that are at least a few weeks old, reCAPTCHA has become nearly impossible to complete for people who frequently clear their cookies." I clear my entire browser cookies every time that I shut it down, which is more than once a week. Furthermore:
  12. I just logged into my MBAM account at https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login# That login was agonizing because this MBAM website uses the horrid reCAPTCHA as an extra layer of alleged protection. I hate reCAPTCHA with an unmitigated passion. It took me many screens to pass that ******* test. Once logged in, I tried to file a support ticket. Once again, the website made me do a reCAPTCHA test before I could click on the Submit Ticket button. Why? I had already done that upon login?! I tried several times that pass this reCAPTCHA, but eventually had to give up. Dea
  13. Also: could a Russian IP address have an innocuous explanation, such as, since I was sharing a file, maybe there was another ordinary person in Russia who simply wanted to download it as well? Also, strictly speaking, is a Ukrainian not Russian IP address that points to the domain name pool.sevtele.com (if ipinfo.info is to be believed, not that that is any more reassuring...).
  14. My colleagues at the DNC tell me that that is just fine. Kidding! Thanks for adding that info.
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