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  1. I would like to know if anyone has a answer to my question. What is the best anti virus software that I can use along with my Malwarebytes Premium software. I have tried Bitdefender,however it did not seem to work very well with Malwarebytes Premium. There was conflict on dominance. Is using exclusions the way to make anti virus software to work better with Malwarebytes Premium? I need some help with this subject matter. Thank you.
  2. I am very thankful for the email sent to me from RubberR DuckY explaining the problem with web blocking/ram usage. I was going crazy why the web protection on both my computers was going on and off. Mostly off. Both my computers were acting out of control. I followed the instructions and both my computers are back to normal. Everything is working fine now. I still love Malwarebytes. It is the best.
  3. I installed the update for Malwarebytes Premium on November 9,2017. When I launch the program I get a message box with the message 'mbam.exe-no disk' There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive e. with options cancel,try again or continue. I reply cancel and the Malwarebytes program window appears. Is this due to the install not not completing properly or some other reason? I feel that something is wrong,however I have no idea what the problem may be. Does anyone have a answer to this situation?
  4. Why install a program for this? Should it be just another added update to execute this task? Sneaking in a added program on my computer raises concerns in my judgement. Thank you for the info.
  5. I noticed program KB4023057 was added to my list of programs 10/12/2017. This program was added by Microsoft with a size 988kb and version This happened after a update. I do not know what this program does or why it was installed without my knowledge. I uninstalled this program and after a restart this program was reinstalled however with a smaller size of 494kb. Does anyone know about this? Is it spyware or what? I have read that it assess Windows updates. Who knows what its purpose is. If you have Windows10 check you programs to see if you have it also on your computer.
  6. I just installed the update. I an always looking for improvements to this wonderful product. Everything is working great.
  7. I had a problem with MBAE. I was receiving message 'exploit not started' and 'exploit will be terminated' when I clicked in the icon. I found the solutionto the problem in the forum post by a staff member.

  8. Hi: Welcome. We can't provide support here in your profile. Please start a new topic here and we will be happy to help: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/forum/41-malwarebytes-anti-malware-help/ Thanks!

    1. Bigplayer


      Thank you. I am happy to be part of the forum.

  9. Does anyone get 'not responding' messages using Malwarebyte scans?

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