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  1. Thanks for the information. Regarding the performance issues - this isn't something we've able to reproduce (with programs such as Acronis True Image) and is most likely the result of interaction between the Ransomware Protection module in Malwarebytes and the specific configuration of one or more third-party programs installed on your affected computers. Can you perform a clean boot, but leave Malwarebytes Service enabled. After the reboot, ensure Ransomware Protection is enabled and check if you still encounter the lag/freezing. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows
  2. Hello, Please carry out the instructions in the post above so we can take a closer look. This is most likely caused by a group policy. If you have the Pro edition (or above) of Windows 10, try the following: Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type gpedit.msc and click OK. Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates. Expand Windows Components. Expand File Explorer. View the Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen policy and adjust as desired.
  3. Hi @StringJam, The logs indicate the connection is timing out when the Malwarebytes service attempts to communicate with our licensing server. Are you having network issues with the computer? Do you encounter the same issue in Safe Mode with Networking? I see you have Deep Freeze installed. This has been known to sometimes cause network/connectivity issues. Can you try disabling this and see what impact it has?
  4. Hi @Beegz, Thanks for the file. It looks like Windows is crashing. This issue has been seen before with a McAfee product installed. In those cases, the crash was caused by a McAfee driver attempting to access an invalid memory location (in the presence of the Malwarebytes Web Protection) when an email client was opened (such as Outlook). The solution is to uninstall the McAfee product, restart the computer and reinstall the program afterwards. You should find the crashes/blue screens stop.
  5. Hi @MrPAT, I've sent you a private message with details on your order. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
  6. Hi @morgan, Sorry for the delay. Thank you for providing the screenshots. Please could you reboot the computer (Windows Start button -> Power button -> Restart) and check if you still see the same issue. The last set of logs show the Web Protection driver is installed and running, so this is likely a case of the trayapp not reflecting the current state of the driver correctly. Please let me know if you still see the issue after the reboot. If you do, please rerun the Gather Logs option in Malwarebytes Support Tool and provide the new mbst-grab-results.zip saved to your Desktop.
  7. Hi @bobmcdonld, If you still encounter after following the suggestions in the topic linked above, please carry out the instructions in post #2 and provide the generated mbst-grab-results.zip so we can take a closer look. We're currently investigating new reports of issues with Chrome remediation after a recent Google Chrome update.
  8. The Malwarebytes Support Tool will provide additional system information that may help resolve the issue you're experiencing.
  9. Hi @Pathyon, This issue is caused by Malwarebytes version 3.7's incompatibility with third-party LSPs. In your case, this specifically relates to the Transocks PC版 software you have installed. Winsock: Catalog9 01 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp.dll [802816 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9 02 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp.dll [802816 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9 03 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp.dll [802816 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9 04 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp.dll [802816 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9 20 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp.dll [802816 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 01 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp64.dll [1015808 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 02 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp64.dll [1015808 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 03 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp64.dll [1015808 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 04 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp64.dll [1015808 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 20 C:\Users\Fenixnailo\AppData\Roaming\transocks\transockslsp64.dll [1015808 2018-10-30] (成都飞欧比网络科技有限公司) We're working on a fix for this in an upcoming Malwarebytes program update. In the meantime, you can either uninstall the Transocks PC版 software and reboot or temporarily revert to the previous Malwarebytes version (3.6) using the following link: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/plo5hdm39who0lwld7j1y5e55rum8z33
  10. Hi @KiteoHatto, Sorry to hear of the issues you're having. Thanks for providing the troubleshooting file. To confirm, do all exhibited issues disappear when Malwarebytes is not running? To confirm, right-click the Malwarebytes icon in your notification area/system tray and click Quit Malwarebytes? Afterwards, check if the issues still occur. If they do, let's see if we can narrow down if a particular Real-Time Protection module is responsible. Start by relaunching Malwarebytes and disabling Web Protection by turning it off via the Dashboard. Check if this has any impact on the issues. If it doesn't, move onto another Real-Time Protection module and repeat until the issue no longer occurs and you've identified which module is responsible.
  11. Hi @nippa, I've checked with the Support team and the response you received was automated. A Support agent will be responding to your ticket as soon as possible. Please note that tickets are worked in the order they're received. Thank you for your patience.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback and information. We can reproduce the issue with Malwarebytes erroneously registering in the Windows Security Center when settings are left as default (along with other Security Center related issues, such as the non-actionable warning). This is being looked into further. We have not been able to reproduce the performance-related issues mentioned in the first post and have not made any changes that are intended to specifically address this. To confirm, the above issues disappear when Malwarebytes has been uninstalled? Does disabling individual Real-Time Protection modules have any impact? Would it be possible to run Malwarebytes Support Tool log gathering on each of the affected machines and provide the generated output?
  13. Hi @Sitedrifter, Thanks for your continued patience. Our licensing team are still working on resolving your issue. Your Support agent will contact you via email as soon as the issue is resolved.
  14. Hello @hund, Please carry out the instructions in post #2 so we can take a closer look at the issue.
  15. Hi @morgan, Thanks for the file. The logs indicate Web Protection is currently running. Are you still experiencing an issue? ------ The initial error with Web Protection occurred at 06:12:08.779 on 04/29/19, shortly after a new MBAMService session was started. Was this around the time the computer was powered on? Did you experience any issues with the computer starting up properly? The underlying error which caused the failure is error 1006, which maps to the following: - ERROR_FILE_INVALID winerror.h # The volume for a file has been externally altered so that # the opened file is no longer valid. We're investigating possible causes of this.
  16. Hi @sashi, I've asked the Support team to take a look at your ticket. You should receive a response shortly.
  17. Hello @zRochi, You currently have Malwarebytes configured to use a proxy when connecting to the Internet. Can you disable this within Malwarebytes' settings and then try to activate again.
  18. Hello @Carolie, In Malwarebytes for Windows version 3.x, detected items can be excluded (whitelisted) at the end of the scan by unchecking the item -> clicking Next -> clicking Ignore Always. This will ensure the item is not detected again in subsequent scans.
  19. Thanks for the file. We have a defect filed for this issue. It's occurring because the license state of your product is changing and the "Recover missed tasks" setting in your scheduled scan is not set to default. As a result, the program erroneously believes that no scheduled scan is configured and creates a new one. This will fixed in a future update.
  20. Hello, Thanks for letting us know. Please could you rerun the Malwarebytes Support Tool (from post #2) and provide the generated mbst-grab-results.zip.
  21. Hi @donnabhofc, I noticed you created another forum topic. Please stick to just this topic. Were you able to carry out the Malwarebytes Support Tool instructions mentioned above? We need this data to start looking into your issue further.
  22. Hello @mrmickguitar, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Looking at your ticket history, it appears a Support Agent responded to your initial request on Wednesday 24th and then provided a subsequent response on Friday 26th. I will check if the agent can re-send his latest response to you.
  23. Thanks for the information, alQamar. Whilst 1903 is a preview build and issues are to be expected, we're still interested in learning more about what you've experienced given how close to release this version of Windows 10 is. Are these issues only seen when the Malwarebytes license state is trial or premium? You mentioned trial expired/free in one of the points. When Malwarebytes is no longer in trial/premium mode, do the issues quoted above no longer occur? If no other security product is registered in the Security Centre, this is not expected behaviour. When Malwarebytes is running in trial/premium mode, the default setting is for the program not to register in the Security Centre providing no other third-party program is registered. If you experience this behaviour again, please run the Malwarebytes Support Tool immediately after (refer to post #2) so we can take a closer look. It's expected for Malwarebytes to remain registered in the Security Center for a few days after reverting to trial expired/free. However, it's not expected for Malwarebytes to register in the first place if Windows Defender is the only installed security product and the Malwarebytes settings are left as default. To confirm, you left the following setting as default?
  24. Hello, We've just released a new components package update (v1.0.586) that addresses the issue. See here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/242280-ladies-and-gentlemen-mb371/?do=findComment&comment=1309638 Please let us know how you get on. Thanks again for reporting this!
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