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  1. Thanks for the update. Please let us know how you get on with the offline scan.
  2. Thanks for the update. If you encounter any further issues, please consider providing the troubleshooting information mentioned earlier so we can look into the cause of the issue.
  3. That's understandable. Thanks for reporting the issue. Let us know if you encounter any further issues.
  4. CCleaner is better geared towards third-party applications (browsers, etc). It does contain some system-related options, but I don't believe it covers everything related to Disk Cleanup. There's no harm in running both applications, providing you only stick to the temporary file cleanup aspect of CCleaner.
  5. That's no problem. Thanks for the information. The Minidump indicates that the mwac.sys driver file present at the time of the crash was version This belongs to the previous components package version (1.0.538). It's possible that now you have the latest components package version (and therefore a more up-to-date mwac.sys), the blue screen will no longer occur.
  6. Yes, please try an offline (disconnect from the Internet) scan. We also made a recent change that increased the recursive scanning depth of certain folders/hotspots on the system. It's possible this is having an impact - especially if temporary file locations have not been cleared in a long time. Could you also try running Disk Cleanup and check if this has any impact.
  7. Thank you for the update. One question - when the first blue screen occurred, did you have the latest version of Malwarebytes installed (3.7.1 with Components Package version 1.0.563 installed)? Based on the Minidump, it looks like you may have had an earlier version installed.
  8. Great, thanks for confirming! We're investigating this further. It might not be something we can address on our side. If this is the case, it will indeed require a change by the author of the program.
  9. Thanks very much. Once we obtain the full memory dump, we'll be in a better position to determine the source of the issue.
  10. Hi @samuelawachie, Sorry to hear of the issue you're experiencing. If you'd like us to take a closer look and help troubleshoot the issue, please carry out steps 4 and 5 in the topic linked below: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/ Thank you!
  11. Thanks for confirming! As a workaround for the time being, you can make an adjustment to Malwarebytes' settings. Open Malwarebytes. Click Settings. Click Protection. Click Advanced Settings. Click Advanced Memory Protection. Uncheck Malicious Return Address Detection for the Browsers column. This should allow you to reinstall the program without experiencing the Exploit Protection blocks.
  12. Hello, This is most likely being caused by WinPatrol hooking the ShellExecute API. To confirm, please could you temporarily disable WinPatrol from starting with Windows, reboot the computer and check if the issue still occurs.
  13. Thanks for the file. It looks like one of the troubleshooting tools used by the Malwarebytes Support Tool failed to download. Please could you carry out the following instructions as well and provide the two generated logs: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1318 I have a few questions on the blue screens: When did they first start occurring? How many have occurred? How often does the machine blue screen? Does any particular action trigger the blue screen or is it seemingly random? Obtaining a full memory dump will make it much more likely we're able to determine what's triggering the blue screen. Please could you ensure full/complete memory dump creation is configured. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/5560-configure-windows-10-create-minidump-bsod.html Refer to, "Have Windows Create a Complete Memory Dump on BSOD" in the link above. When the computer next blue screens, MEMORY.dmp should be created in C:\Windows.
  14. Hi @Xauma95, In the recent Components Package update, we made some changes to our false-positive prevention logic that may cause an increase in scan completion time. Specifically, this involves additional online checks to one of our false-positive prevention servers. We're currently investigating this increase in scan completion time. I'll respond back shortly with further information.
  15. Hi everyone, We're looking into some issues with our Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version 2.x update server. Further information will be provided as soon as possible. Don't forget that version 2.x reached end-of-life on June 8th, 2017 (per our Life Cycle Matrix). Whilst nothing has currently changed in regards to our database update support for version 2.x, upgrading to the latest 3.x version of Malwarebytes is the best way to ensure you receive the latest and most effective protection techniques and protection updates.
  16. We're looking into potential issues with WMC and similar software. In the case of the freezing on your machines, I suspect it may actually be related to Macrium Reflect Home Edition. Is this installed on all affected machines or just the machine you ran the Malwarebytes Support Tool on? We've recently been able to reproduce a system freeze that occurs when both software are installed (and verified Macrium is the cause by forcing a blue screen once the freeze occurs and analysing the generated memory dump). Like you, a few other Windows 7 users have also reported still experiencing a system freeze with the latest version of Malwarebytes installed. They too have Macrium Reflect installed. We were able to mitigate the freeze from occurring by configuring a folder exclusion for %programdata%\Malwarebytes in Macrium's backup settings.
  17. Hi @Porthos, There are no known issues between the latest version of Malwarebytes and latest version of NordVPN. How the VPN is configured may of course cause connectivity issues, but that is machine specific. If the user encounters any general issues between the software, please let us know.
  18. Please work with the helper in your malware removal topic. Once given the all clear, please return back to this topic and we can further investigate your activation issue. It's not necessarily related to your VPN, but that is often the cause of activation issues and therefore a good place to start. The IPVanish program which you have installed is also another program often see to cause connectivity issues.
  19. I understand the frustration. We're currently working on a solution. I'll provide an update to this topic as soon as possible.
  20. Hi @RVerneck, Sorry to hear of your issue. We'd like to take a closer look at your issue. Please could you carry out steps 4 and 5 in the topic linked below. This will allow us to investigate further. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/ Thank you!
  21. Hi @liborio, Please let us know if you encounter any issues with 1PW's instructions above. Once you provide the troubleshooting information, we can look further into your issue.
  22. Thanks for reporting this, Ztruker. We're reviewing the information and will provide an update shortly.
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