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  1. Thanks for confirming. Would it still be possible to carry out the instructions linked above and provide the generated log file please? This would be greatly appreciated and will help us in tracking down the cause of the issue.
  2. Thanks again for reporting this. We've been able to reproduce the issue and have a defect filed. If you wish to opt out of beta updates on Desktop #3, you will either need to reactivate a license and disable the setting or reinstall Malwarebytes.
  3. Thank you for confirming. Please let us know if you encounter any further green screens over the upcoming days. This is the expected default behaviour when the only security products running are Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. You can force Malwarebytes to register with the Windows Security Center by modifying the "Windows Action Center" settings within Settings -> Application.
  4. Thanks very much. We're investigating the issue further.
  5. Thanks! Just to confirm, have you encountered any further green screens since reinstalling 3.8? It sounds like it may have been a one-off. Nevertheless, we'd still be interested in seeing a full memory dump if one is available.
  6. Hello, Please could you carry out the "technical issue" instructions linked below on Desktop #3 so we can take a closer look at why you were offered a beta upgrade in Free mode. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/
  7. This behaviour is still present in version 3.8.1. We are currently looking into different methods to achieve the same goal without the frequent DNS queries.
  8. Hi @Soozy, Thanks for the update. Did the Malwarebytes Dashboard show the 4 Real-Time Protection modules as enabled despite being in Free mode all the way up until you deactivated and activated your license? Or did this correct itself (showing the modules as disabled for the duration of Free mode) when the user interface was closed and reopened? Please could you carry out the steps below so we can take a closer look at what may have caused this behaviour. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/
  9. Hi @byron4120, When the machine green screened, was a full memory dump (%systemroot%\memory.dmp) or minidump (%systemroot%\minidump\*.dmp) generated? If so, could you zip the dump files up and provide them to us please (you will likely need to upload the full memory dump to a file hosting service such as WeTransfer.com)? In addition, please carry out the steps in the topic linked below and provide us with the generated mbst-grab-results.zip: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/190532-having-problems-using-malwarebytes-please-follow-these-steps/
  10. Thanks for the file. The log confirms AdwCleaner isn't crashing. Around the time AdwCleaner is launched up until the process exits, there's activity from the following programs: Ashampoo UnInstaller Malwarebytes for Windows Norton Security Acronis True Image Active Desktop Calendar Unfortunately, the issue wasn't reproducible after setting up a Windows 7 machine and testing various scenarios with the above software installed. We can see that immediately before AdwCleaner exits unexpectedly, Norton Security has opened up the AdwCleaner exe file for reading. Do you have Norton Security configured with non-default settings? I know you mentioned that you've already tried with Norton Security disabled. However, just disabling is sometimes not sufficient. Would you be willing to temporarily uninstall Norton Security, reboot and then try running AdwCleaner once more? At the very least, this will help rule out Norton Security for definite. Also, I don't see consent.exe being launched at any point. Just to confirm, when you run AdwCleaner, the User Account Control (UAC) box doesn't appear prompting you to "allow changes"?
  11. Hi @Lollie, Please carry out the "technical issue" instructions in post #2 so we can take a closer look at the issue. Just to confirm, is the following accurate? When Malwarebytes is running, social options in Fallout 76 do not function correctly. Disabling Web Protection has no impact and the issue persists. After "Quitting Malwarebytes", normal functionality is restored to Fallout 76. Do you experience a similar issue with other games/programs?
  12. Yes, that's definitely a viable option. After uninstalling Google Chrome, be sure to also delete the C:\Users\Enzo\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome folder. Once done, reinstall Google Chrome and run AdwCleaner.
  13. Thank you for the file. No issues there. We haven't had any other reports of the issue you're encountering and are unable to reproduce it, so the cause is likely something specific to your machine (third-party software configuration, hardware issue, etc). Did you carry out the clean boot instructions from earlier? Here's a copy: Perform Clean Boot Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type msconfig and click OK. On the Services tab of the System Configuration dialog box, select the Hide all Microsoft services check box. Click Disable all. Scroll through the list and look for Malwarebytes Service. Place a checkmark next to this. On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, click Open Task Manager. On the Startup tab in Task Manager, for each startup item, select the item and then click Disable. Close Task Manager. On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, click OK and then restart the computer. Log back into your normal user account. After performing the clean boot, please open Malwarebytes and check if the issue still occurs.
  14. Hello, Please carry out the instructions in post #2 and respond back with the generated mbst-grab-results.zip file.
  15. Thanks. There was an issue with downloading the Process Monitor executable. It will need to be manually downloaded using the following link: https://live.sysinternals.com/Procmon.exe After downloading the file, run it and wait for the main window to populate. Try to run AdwCleaner. Wait at least 20 seconds after double-clicking the file. Return to the Process Monitor window. Click File -> Capture Events. Click File -> Save. Ensure "All events" is selected, make a note of the path that the file is being saved to and click OK. Navigate to the location of the saved PML file. Right-click the file and click Send to followed by Compressed (Zipped) file. Upload the file to WeTransfer.com and provide the download link in a new post. Open the WeTransfer.come website. Click Add your files, navigate to the location of the Zip file and double-click it. Click (...) and select the link radio button under Send as. Click Transfer. Copy the download link and paste it in a new forum post.
  16. As nukecad mentioned, this looks like an issue with your Google account sync. Have a look at the following topic for information on how you can reset the data being synced. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/214325-chrome-secure-preferences-detection-always-comes-back/ (replace any reference to Malwarebytes for Windows with AdwCleaner)
  17. Hello, To remove an exclusion from AdwCleaner: Click Settings. Click Exclusions. Place a checkmark next to the exclusion(s) you wish to remove. Click Remove Exclusion.
  18. Hi @matticus, Thanks for reporting this. We'll be addressing this issue in the next database update scheduled for release later today. Once released, you shouldn't encounter any further issues.
  19. Hello @IsabelCosta, The issue you're experiencing is caused by Malwarebytes version 3.7's incompatibility with third-party layered service providers. In your case, this originates from the Internet Lock 6.0 software you have installed on the computer. Until we release a fix for this issue, you will either need to uninstall Internet Lock 6.0 and reboot the computer or revert to the previous version of Malwarebytes (version 3.6). If you wish to revert, you can download the 3.6 installer using the following link: https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/plo5hdm39who0lwld7j1y5e55rum8z33 You will also need to disable the, "Notify me when full version updates are available" setting (in Settings -> Application) to prevent being persistently notified of the 3.7 upgrade (which contains the incompatibility).
  20. Hello, Thanks for the file. Were you also able to perform the clean boot? What were the results? Please do the following: SFC /Scannow Please download sfc_scannow.bat using the link below. → https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/71uel6xlgciq5fitx1lq8a6jqo3ck4mi Open your Downloads folder. Double-click sfc_scannow.bat. Note: If you are prompted by Windows SmartScreen, click More info followed by Run anyway. A blue Command Prompt window will appear. Upon completion, a file named mb-cbs-log.zip will be created on your Desktop. Please attach the file in your next reply.
  21. Hi @surferbikerdude, Are you experiencing this after cancelling an in-progress scan? If not, what are the steps you're taking to generate this error?
  22. The update that corrects this issue has yet to be released. As soon as it is, I'll post to this topic. Thank you for your patience.
  23. Hello, Setting Malwarebytes to "never register" in the Windows Security Center has no impact on the Real-Time Protection provided by the program. The issue you've encountered is something we're aware of and will be providing a fix for in an upcoming version of Malwarebytes. Note that when Windows Defender is the only other security product installed, the expected default behaviour is for Malwarebytes not to register in the Windows Security Center. The fact Malwarebytes did register when set to default settings is the issue that we will be addressing.
  24. Hi @n00bie, This issue was caused by an incompatibility in Malwarebytes version 3.7 with third-party layered service providers, which we can see are added by Proxifier: Winsock: Catalog5 01 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PrxerNsp.dll [87024 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> ) Winsock: Catalog9 03 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PrxerDrv.dll [98800 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9 04 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PrxerDrv.dll [98800 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9 05 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PrxerDrv.dll [98800 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9 06 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PrxerDrv.dll [98800 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9 22 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\PrxerDrv.dll [98800 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog5-x64 01 C:\Windows\system32\PrxerNsp.dll [101872 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> ) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 03 C:\Windows\system32\PrxerDrv.dll [119792 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 04 C:\Windows\system32\PrxerDrv.dll [119792 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 05 C:\Windows\system32\PrxerDrv.dll [119792 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 06 C:\Windows\system32\PrxerDrv.dll [119792 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) Winsock: Catalog9-x64 22 C:\Windows\system32\PrxerDrv.dll [119792 2018-08-15] (Initeks, OOO -> Initex) A fix will be provided for this issue in an upcoming version of Malwarebytes. Once released, you should have no issues reinstalling Proxifier.
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