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  1. Hi Spud, cliqdigital.com ( and androidprotectionpro.com ( are still blocked by Malwarebytes. The entire 194.140.230.x network is blocked actually. Please, it is very important for us, to be unblocked because we are loosing clients.
  2. Hi Spud, out site is still blocked also I have found that https://androidprotectionpro.com is aloso blocked. Can you please check and let me know is there a way to unblock this sites and the netwok. It is importan for us, because we are loosing clients. Regards, Bisser
  3. Hi guys, recently I found that our web site is blocked by Malwarebytes Anti-malware as you can see on the attached file. Looking around I found that I can check for the reason here http://hosts-file.net but there is no problem with www.cliqdigital.com. In additional I checked also some other sites we host and they are all blocked, so I guess that the entire network 194.140.230.x is blocked. Can you please check what is going on and why we a blocked? Regards, Bisser
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