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  1. www.replaying.de safe retro games site blocked by MWB as malware site.
  2. Why www.registry-finder.com is detected as Trojan site???
  3. This file tdm_eax_anycard.zip comes from http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18249-tutorial-how-to-setup-eax-for-tdm-on-any-soundcard/ and is a game patch to enable some old EAX Soundblaster 3D audio effects on modern Windows 10, using modified but safe files. I doubt it's malware. tdm_eax_anycard.zip
  4. Oh, so it was just a misunderstanding Since other AVs offered a "proceed" link I thought it should be the same with because of "I want to continue to this site anyway" and not a generic "If you want to continue to this site anyway…". That would have helped IMHO. All right then, and thanks for support.
  5. Yes it is a false positive. there is no malware. As I said it's a wrapper for old DX7-8 games, so it can be mistaken for a trojan injecting code into dlls...
  6. Tested also with another portable browser (Opera) and it does the same: unclickable blue color string. Only clickable elements on blocking page for me are: 'Go Back' button, circled (i) link, and 'Learn even more' at the bottom, but 'I want to continue to this site anyway' is never a clickable link... No Internet issues to report, no modified HOSTS file, I have UAC at max level, Windows reports: Private network, everything works fine, but I use custom (IPv4) DNS: Win 10 Pro 1809 17763.437, std Windows Defender embedded into the OS still active, Malwarebytes Premium, components: 1.0.563, update 1.0.10208 Edge debug (F12) in the sshot
  7. Ok for Go Back not working since it's a pop-up, but "I want to continue to this site anyway" is never a link here on Edge and Windows 1809. It's just a blue colored text, so there is no link to enter the site anyway...
  8. Exact URL is f.e. https://block.malwarebytes.com/?lic=Licensed&cat=Trojan&lang=en&prod=MBAM-C&ver=
  9. Website blocked due to a Trojan is warning screen in the browser (Edge) is not working as expected: if I click "Go Back" button nothing happens, and "I want to continue to this site anyway" is not clickable. Please, fix it ASAP.
  10. There is no Torjan: it's a wrapper for old DX7-8 games, so it can be mistaken for a trojan injecting code into dlls...
  11. Just forced malware DB update. Fixed, thank you.
  12. Detected as MachineLearning/Anomalous.94%
  13. False positive script converted to EXE created with 'Bat to EXE converter' http://www.f2ko.de/en/b2e.php to start a game with specific CPU affinity mask. Script was: @ECHO OFF start /AFFINITY 0x0f BioshockHD_Game.exe BioshockHD.zip
  14. http://www.f2ko.de/it/b2e.php is not a malware website
  15. This tool archive MSPass.zip is wrongly detected as Generic.Malware/Suspicious: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/mspass.html
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