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  1. are you using version 2.03 ? mine was on 2.02 and had to update it manually I think this is what caused the database issue.
  2. I think I know what happened, there was a program update from 2.02 to 2.03 and I think when it tried to update this morning it failed and that's what caused the database issue, I manually updated to version 2.03 and now will watch to see if problem reapears.
  3. I did everything you said in above message including reinstalling program but this issue keeps coming back, please check the program on your side for a solution because users can't spend hours trying to fix a problem that keeps coming back, please repond thanks, and when is scheduled scan date on dash board getting fixed this has been wrong since new program many weeks ago.
  4. this morning three different computers all had splash screen saying database missing or corrupt needs to download new database, also said in seperate splash screen protection disabled ? there has to be a program problem why this keeps happening, this same issue has come up numerous times over the past few weeks, I am using Windows 7 64 bit.
  5. if you change the Windows service to delayed start up in windows services then re start computer everything starts normal but then go back and check windows services it automatically switched back to auto start up not delay start up, so again there is a conflict when starting up , between Vipre and MBAM service, this worked OK before version 2.0 you could change MBAM service in Windows services to delayed start up and it would stay no matter how many re starts, so apparently MBAM won't allow a delayed start up in Windows services.
  6. I did what you said and it does nothing as far as delaying MBAM service start up , MBAM service conflicts with Vipre during start up and this is why delaying in windows services is needed , I know a lot of user that are having this same problem during restarts.
  7. the scheduled scan date is always wrong on the dashboard , sometimes weeks out of date, this is only been a issue since version 2.0 and this occurs with Malwarebytes Premium program.
  8. I am trying to set startup in windows startup service to automatic delay instead of automatic this was possible before version 2.0 but now it's not the reason that I am trying to set service to auotmatic delay is now with version 2.0 it forces starting quickly thus causing other programs to wait then causing slow startup after restarts and sometimes errors because of slow startup.
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