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  1. Highlight all files and sub-folders in a Folder in explorer Ctrl/A to select all, right click and click properties in the menu then make sure read only is ticked and click apply. Never finishes with Malwarebytes running. I will not be helping you find out what's going up because I've had enough and I'm uninstalling Malwarebytes completely. Note: I am running under 64 bit Windows 7.
  2. 378.78 fine here on 64 bit Windows 7. But as often happens I had to reboot after installing 378.78 before everything was perfect.
  3. I have never had a version of Windows that I could 100% rely on to show all my tray icons every time. In my opinion it's a long standing bug in Windows itself that tray icons can fail to show occasionally. Does it do it every time you boot (or login)?
  4. So far it seems that the effect just increases according to how many programs are running (running in the sense that they appear in Task Manager, not that they are using CPU). Pick any half a dozen tasks and kill them and the effect reduces. Pick a small selection of programs to start up and minimise and the effect increases.
  5. Yes I'm also using MalwareBytes There are lots of other programs installed and some unusual settings that could be interacting. I will try to investigate further.
  6. Adding an exclusion for cpuz.exe didn't help. Excluding the whole "C:\Program Files\CPUID" directory made things WORSE!!! -- The multithreaded test barely scored more than the single thread test with this exclusion!!!
  7. I did some more tests and, somewhat bizarrely, it seems to be the Ransomware Protection that does it! Also looking at the CPU usage shown in Task Manager (and a few other utilities I tried) and at the CPU temperature it looks like the CPU usage is just being restricted rather than that MalwareBytes is using CPU for itself; with Ransomware Protection enabled and CPU-Z stressing the CPU the total CPU appears to stay around 50%. Turn off Ransomware Protection and it goes up to around 99%. Hopefully it's just something weird about CPU-Z that makes it happen and it's not doing it to much other software that uses lots of CPU. The effect isn't happening with Prime95 which will eat 100% CPU and get my CPU fan really whizzing whether or not MalwareBytes is running.
  8. Can anyone explain to me why having MalwareBytes 3.0.x running has such a dramatic effect on the result of the multi thread CPU benchmark in CPU-Z 1.78? The result appears to indicate about half the expected multi threaded performance with MalwareBytes running and a normal result after stopping MalwareBytes by right clicking it's tray icon, choosing "Quit MalwareBytes" and waiting a few seconds while it shuts down. (My processor is a Core i7-4790K).
  9. As far as I know it shouldn't be turned off by default. You might want it off to speed up scanning or if you know you have something MalwareBytes thinks is bad inside one of your archive files (though in that case a better idea is to use an archive with a password). There are separate scan within archive options on each scheduled scan.
  10. That shouldn't happen if you right click MalwareBytes tray icon and choose Quit MalwareBytes before you install the new version. If you still have trouble make sure the MalwareBytes service (MBAMService.exe) isn't running and use an elevated task manager to kill it if it is.
  11. Still some major problems. You can't install it over the previous version without manually stopping MBAMservice.exe. Then you need to reboot before it will behave itself, though it doesn't prompt you to reboot, you just have to figure it out yourself. As before scans sometimes mysteriously stop in the middle, but I think it happens a little less often. Clicking the mouse on some parts of the UI sometimes used to stop scans in the middle on the previous beta and doesn't seem to now, it just seems random. I'll have a better idea how bad it is in a day or two.
  12. No, I meant MalwareBytes V3 shouldn't be messing with System Volume Information.
  13. It never occurred to me that SVI meant System Volume Information. I'm not sure I would ever want to use software that's meddling with Windows at such a deep level that unwanted files are created in System Volume Information. It has to be a disaster just waiting to happen. It's meant to just be Windows' own storage for restore points and similar stuff.
  14. Where is this SVI folder. I want to check it's all gone after I uninstalled MB3 for now. Thanks.
  15. And by the way... Windows 8.1 in itself blocks running the test file as an executable file, citing that DOS will not run in this version of the Windows... Quote Obviously the 64 bit version of Windows 8.1 can't run a DOS program. But I think the 32 version would. Also if your Anti Virus (with real time protection) is working then the EICAR test file shouldn't even make it on to our hard drive when you try to download it.
  16. This forum seems pretty messed up too. If you start quoting a message and change your mind nothing seems to get it back in to a usable state apart from clearing all forum.malwarebytes.org cookies.
  17. I can assure you that the two sets of Enable Malware Protecion and Enable Malicious Website Protection settings have been separate and both needed to be enabled for quite a while. This is not something new I just noticed. I can remember struggling to work out what I needed to do to enable everything before I realised this. Yes I now have 2 separate, 1-PC, Home Premium licenses. Message sent to Consumer Help Desk.
  18. Well. I don't think that was it. Bit it is a bit confusing. There are three options in that box you showed a picture of, and the same three options when you right click the little icon in the tray area. But changing one set (say the ones when right clicking the icon) does not seem to change the other set (say the ones in the box). Instead you seem to have to make sure both sets are set as you want before it works.
  19. I'm not sure what's going on. Is mbam-check- supposed to leave MBAM in a disabled/deactivated state? This last time it seems to have reactivated itself after a reboot. But I don't think it did last time. This reboot I disabled self protection before rebooting. Attached are the three diagnostic logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  20. Well, it appears somebody noticed that I admitted here to having the same license on two PCs. I now can't activate the old license on the new laptop long enough to get the log files. It keeps getting de-activated. And Yes I did deactivate it on the old PC and I did buy another one and re-activate the old PC too. I deactivated and then immediately activated the new license - I did not use change license.
  21. I will do both later. Busy now. Thanks for your help.
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