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  1. Just letting you know I am also experiencing regular freezes with MBAM Web Protection. I have been running MBAM Premium for years with no problems until the freezes started on December 19, 2018. The freezes occur several times a day and sometimes when the PC is just sitting idle. After disabling MBAM for days at a time, I finally discovered that the freezes appear to only occur when MBAM is running and only when Web Protection is On. I am running Windows 7 pro 64 bit and the event log never shows any kind of errors after each freeze. Something changed on the December 19th updates.
  2. The issue seems to be resolved. Per the "Advanced Setup Staff" instructions above, I downloaded and ran mb-clean. I had much trouble because the referenced instructions from respinoza on how to run mb-clean did not tell me to first log off of my Standard user account and log in to my Administrator user account before starting the sequence. (all good users should be running as a Standard user). Trying the sequence as a Standard user messed me up good. Anyway, I was finally successful in running everything and reinstalling MBAM Premium and all seems OK in both my Admin user account and my Standard User account. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Per exile 360 I downloaded and ran Windows Repair AIO and followed all instructions. MBAM 3.4.5 fails the same I then re-ran FRST64.exe, and then MB-Check again. Attached is the results file mb-check-results.zip
  4. I upgraded up to 3.4.5 again and it fails the same. I ran the instructed programs from above, then attached the resulting mb-check-results.zip file. Hope I did it correctly. mb-check-results.zip
  5. I had been running MBAM Pro version 3.4.4 with no problems. A couple of days ago I updated to version 3.4.5 (mb3-setup-consumer- and now the Exploit protection will not turn on. On the System tray Icon the Exploit protection is greyed out. Running Windows 7 64-bit and MSE is turned off. No other A/V's are installed.
  6. Thanks for the advice. (SOLVED) Yes, opening MBAM (Run as Administrator) allows the updates to work on both Win 7 PC's. Confusing that my personal PC has MBAM PRO and has been running good as a Standard user up until recently. Apparently an MBAM update has changed things and added a difficulty. I changed the MBAM start Icon (in Program files) to permanently "Run as Administrator". SInce my MBAM PRO autostarts when windows starts, my question now is: When I boot up into my main "Standard User" account, will MBAM be running as Administrator now? The other PC is using MBAM Free and is not an issue. I changed that start Icon to run as Administrator. If you still need me to pursue logs, let me know, I will keep an eye on my personal PC MBAM PRO to make sure it is updating OK..
  7. It is August 11, 2015 and I am getting this message on two different PC's . MBAM version is The two failing PC's are Win 7 64 bit The working PC is XP 32 bit.
  8. Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town. I saw no special settings in the Windows 7 Firewall options, so I left it alone. Yesterday I removed and reinstalled MBAM Premium from an Admin authority user on my Windows 7 PC. I did disable MSE during the removal and install process. Even though I used the MBAM-CLEAN program, I was not asked for my MBAM pro product key during or after the install. Somehow it remembered it. I changed the update schedule from Boot to "Every 3 hours". Today I booted up the PC and MBAM appears to have auto-updated itself OK. Hopefully it will continue to do so. I think this all started when MBAM pro ver 1 updated to MBAM premium ver 2. Thanks for the help.
  9. Sometime in the last couple of weeks, my MBAM updates stopped working automatically. Problem may have started with the update to version I have MBAM set up to check for updates on each boot. Each day I start the PC and the MBAM Icon says databases are out of date. Then I do a Manual update and it works OK until the next day. Up until recently it all worked automatically. MBAM Premium Windows 7 pro. 64 bit, Running as Standard user.
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