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  1. bestemoneys.com does not contain any malware. bestemoneys.com had an issue with Malwarebytes ~2 years ago because of some ad network that displayed pharmacy ads (I then removed that ad spot for good). Recently I discovered that Malwarebytes blocks my site again (dont know when that started). Please fix.
  2. coinurl ads had been removed.
  3. huh? why not you directly ban litecoinpharmacy.com and leave it at that??? If coinurl.com ad network (or it could very will be google ad sense) somehow displays disabled ad category like drugs "Illegal Pharmacy", your system would blacklist thousands of web sites...? If coinurl.com is causing problems, I will remove their ads. However that does not explain how IPs - got blacklisted... Dozens of potential clients... possibly hundreds of web sites are being blocked and malwarebytes fake alerts are destroying their reputation... Please fix this!
  4. It was brought to my attention that malwarebytes blocks my website bestemoneys.com bestemoneys.com doesn't have and never had any malware on it. I noticed that secondary IP (domain is not pointing to it) also is being blocked. I did further tests and it seems that malwarebytes has blocked all IP range of my hosting provider's data center - 31.220.1.* Please sort this out ASAP.
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