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  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to Virustotal.com. I notice that Malwarebytes shows as 'Undetected' on the page you pointed to. Also, if I search on Virustotal for the base URL 419eater.com, then it seems to pass their tests: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/b2f2407e34270a7bb8907427d2afc80997f96ff80c9286a1a743a64e98176879/detection If a single page on that website contains some malware (as detected by other software), is that enough to trigger Malwarebytes when I browse to the base URL?
  2. Malwarebytes Premium blocks this website, showing — RTP detection | Trojan. This website seem to be quite legit (according to Google search) as a Scam Baiting community, which I would like to know more about but I can also see ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. Is this a safe website to visit — should I "continue to this site anyway"? Thanks.
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