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  1. And it happened again I've followed Jekko's instructions and here's my new crash dump. I really hope you can find a solution, doing a clean install of MBAM every time is not a great user experience and I really want the realtime protection. http://we.tl/NaopwTxoQM
  2. Thanks for all the help. I did update my drivers after the reinstallation of windows 7, also my video driver. I've attached the fresh logs and I'll see if there's another crash. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  3. I've done the Clean Removal Process and now it works again But the main reason that I made this post is that this isn't the first time. I've had this problem twice before (not with the lines). At some point my computer will boot and MBAM won't start while it had been working fine before. After that only a MBAM Clean Removal can fix it, until it happens again at a random moment. It isn't a virus because now it's a clean install now and no hardware problem (I tested all the hardware just to be sure after seeing the lines).
  4. I recently reinstalled windows 7 but it had nothing to do with MBAM, I bought a new HDD. I installed MBAM premium and it worked for a couple of days without any problems. Yesterday my PC booted but I had colored lines, nothing was readable so I did a hard reset. I tested all the hardware but everything works and Panda Cloud found no viruses. Since then, I can't start MBAM. I attached the requested dump to this answer.
  5. No, my drive is not encrypted, I use truecrypt for an encrypted container. Of course I can't access the MBAM settings because I can't start the program. However, I know that I didn't enable "Scan for Rootkits".
  6. Hello, Yesterday when I started my PC I had colored lines all over my screen and had to do a hard reset. After that, my MBAM won't start: It crashes immediately. I have attached two logs, but the mbam-check also crashes on startup I've had this problem before, did a clean install of mbam but after some time the problem returned. Now I've done a clean install of windows 7 (new hdd) but here it is again Addition.txt FRST.txt
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