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  1. Rebooting after quarantining seems to have stopped the textlog from appearing. Will report back if more problems persist.
  2. The file "userv1.18.0 - Trial versionlog" keeps getting found in my scans and manually deleting or quarantining it doesn't seem to stop it from reappearing in my Roaming folder. I have no idea if its a keylogger or whatever but deleting it just causes it to appear again after a few minutes. On the other hand I found this "WindowsN.lnk" which was classified as Malware.trace. It hasn't reappeared since I deleted it manually a few hours ago. Right before deleting I looked up its properties and I found out it was an autoscript, in its target box it redirected to "AppData\Roaming\Javaxii\iExplorer.exe". I have deleted that folder as well and it hasn't come back (yet?). My anti-virus (F-Secure) is suspiciously malfunctioning and I noticed I haven't opened it up before or since the malware issue showed up. There could be possibly more spyware in my laptop so how would I make sure? 2.txt
  3. My laptop has been running really slow for a couple of months now. It has been cleaned and its only 2 yrs old so I don't know if I have an issue or not with it. It was pretty fast and had a boot time of 40 seconds and now takes 3 minutes to fully boot and 1 min for my startup programs to open. I also notice popups saying malicious websites were blocked every time I download totally legit torrents. But its sort of normal getting block popups when I use uTorrent so I ignored it. I opened up task manager today and showed all processes from all users and noticed svchost uses up most of my memory at 250k mem usage and 11 other svchost processes under 10k mem usage and one with 30k mem usage. Earlier I had a svchost process using up to 350k mem usage and tried deleting its process. This disabled my internet for some reason but it came back after I tried troubleshooting it. My CPU usage rarely goes above 10%. Is my laptop infected?
  4. nvm I've deleted the file. But the other 2 autorun.inf files in my other drives disappeared after I deleted suspicous programs disguised as a folder. They were 2 of them in my 2 drives and were the same size and were all named new folder. Seems to be stable from here.
  5. F-Secure didn't remove it. And it froze on the 2nd try. MBAM got really slow so I've cancelled it and boot into safe mode. I'll try to run another scan now. Is it safe to manually delete it myself? I'm nervous because it is part of my windows folder and could be an important system file. Maybe its just infected? Anyone?
  6. So I'm freaking out now. I have a ton of stuff on my comp. I have 2 antiviruses active which is MBAM (Premium) and F-Secure (Paid for). Weird thing is that it wasn't detected by MBAM and only F-Secure. It has been blocked like a 100 times from what I've seen in the logs. Its location is on my C: Drive in the windows folder. I've had to restart my computer after it said malware was detected after trying to access my windows account and it started fine. Its first appearance was 2 days ago on 8/5/2014 so its been living for days now. I've ran a scan yesterday on safe mode and it didn't detect anything. Should I be worried? I don't think F-Secure is that good anyway.
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