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  1. Hi @ParanoiaBoy, The main purpose of these pop-ups are to gather information like email address. As long as you didn't enter any info you are fine. It appears the site has already been removed. Nathan
  2. Hi @Mikeky5910, This may be preinstalled malware, which is becoming more of an issue -> Mobile Menace Monday: Preinstalled adware and sometimes worse Preinstalled malware cannot be removed, only disabled. Instructions to disable are in the blog post linked above. However, if you send an Apps Report I can see what exactly is being detected to verify the detection is correct. To send an Apps Report with Malwarebytes for Android use the following instructions. 1.Open the Malwarebytes for Android app. 2.Tap the Menu icon. 3. Tap Your apps. 4. Tap three lines icon in upper right corner. 5. Tap Send to support Choose an email app to send Apps Report. Your email app will open with the Apps Report included. Send the Apps Report to create a ticket. PM me the email used and/or the ticket number assigned. Nathan
  3. Hi @Gotanno, These types of ads are browser related. This is caused by the way most browsers handle redirections executed by javascript code. Most browsers don't do a great job of preventing these redirects, which also cause ad pop-ups. Advertising affiliates are aware of this, and exploit this weakness. Even if an advertising affiliate is shut down for using this exploit, they just come back with a different affiliate id and are right back at it. The best way to block these pop-ups are to try a different browsers, disable javascript, install a browser with ad blocking (like Opera), and/or install Ad-block Plus. If you encounter these pop-ups again, back out of them using Android's back key. Also, clearing your history and cache will help stop the ads from reoccurring. Thanks for reaching out, Nathan
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