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  1. Hi Firefox, I had found that thread and followed the instructions prior posting here. I tried it again after your post and still no updates. Thanks much.
  2. Firefox, Cleaning and reinstalling does not fix virus database update access. Here are the files (plus RogueKiller log). Let me know if you need anything else. This is a friend's laptop, thus I do not know everything that was added/removed from it. TIA MBAM Reports.zip
  3. I am trying to help a friend with his Win7-64 Home edition laptop that was infected with 2 Trojan horses and 2 PUPs. When I tried to update the MalewareBytes virus definition database, I get an unable to access the update server error. I pulled his hard drive and scanned it on another PC via a USB caddy, but that does NOT help him to update and run MalwareBytes on his own. I uninstalled and reinstalled MalwareBytes. I followed the instructions from similar threads and did the following: I ran the MalwareBytes Clean and MalwareBytes Check app. I ran the FARBAR scans and removed remnants of other deleted programs (e.g. Norton, AVG, auto-updaters). I tried to copy the database over from another up-to-date machine, but was not able to get that to work. I disabled the Windows firewall and still could not update the virus definition database. I disabled the Windows Live protection and still could not update the virus definition database. I tried installing SpyBot and it was not able to update it's virus definition database either. The SpyBot's logs did say that it could not attach to the interfaces port because it was already busy. It did not identify what port it was trying to attach to. Any other ideas to try before rebuilding ??? TIA
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