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  1. I am glad to hear that you too have obtained info and believe that the Chrome issue is not virus related. For once! Yes, we can close this and again thank you for your excellent support! ps: hopefully the topic, even closed, can be found for review, if needed.
  2. No to worry; this was a small variance between being logged on to the forum and not being logged on...and i had not realised i was not signed on on the older pc when i wrote this. Another issue: Chrome on that computer seems to crash more often than usual and when attempting to print documents from Chrome, it is only possible via 'print system dialogue'. Print preview does not work there, but it works with Word and Adobe. I do not believe this is virus related...in had experienced this on and off before, i just have it more now. Thank you and regards.
  3. also i notice that on the old pc, the 'mark community read'link next to 'change theme' al the way at the end and below this page, at the light blue part, does not show!
  4. Also, my Adblock on the browser of the old computer, shows to have caught one ad on this page here, while i know that your page has no ads. I feel i am still infected by the ad pop up virus.
  5. Thank you on the download for the cryptoprevent. Something very strange. I have been messaging you here from this new laptop. But when just earlier i turned on the infected laptop to download and run the Delfix from your post, after the text file was created (which i posted above) i had to copy and paste here that file visa this new laptop, as the forum exchange via this laptop did not have reply option!! And something else: Our exchange here,on the old laptop shows to be read now by two members and one guest, while the discussion here on this new laptop i message you from, shows to be re
  6. I have run Delfix and here are the results below. It did not clean the leftover scan and fix log files and the Frst.exe file...i suspect due to my having grouped them under one folder in the hard drive (so as to not get confused). Should i delete this folder manually or can i keep it for future reference? If I delete it, should i run the Delfix.exe again, to delete all addresses? Also, i notice below that the Yontoo 1.10.02 plugin on the browser has been deleted. I thought i had removed it from the 'Add, Remove Programs' function of control panel, but does that mean there was a left ov
  7. Thank you for your answer and for these tips! 1. Can the Malware Bytes anti exploit co-exist with Avast AV (which has a browser security tool) OK with no conflict? 2. I clicked on the link for the CryptoPrevent and at first took me to a McShield verified looking like site (with large blue sign) which seemed to be a genuine site of Cryptodefender, but when i clicked on one of the questions-links there it took me to a page with no info and a 500 error http://www.foolishit.com/vb6-projects/cryptoprevent/ Yet, cause of the link i was able to go to the foolishit.com site and find the product
  8. Ok, thank you, but how can you know if that command worked or not...? if flashed (opened and closed) so fast. No, no other issue - i have not been working on that PC since the fixes - your assistance and patience with me has kept me sane and going, you are a beaming light of good in this world. I am following up with a donation and please let me know how i can help you ever in any other way from where i am. My name is Kostas Trivizas and you will find me at Google Plus where you can contact me from. I can also offer my email here if it is a 'clean' practice.
  9. Dear TWE, I am sorry i did not reply yesterday; i was drained and exhausted from the week of agony and had to get out to and take a sanity break. Back at it now and responding to your notes: 1. I tried to open the E drive pictures folder with choosing a default program (any program) but i was getting notes from the Windows pictures viewer letting me know that these files cannot be opened as they be corrupted or are too large. And the media player would say 'player may not support the file or may not support the codes used to compress files.'. i accept defeat on this one; they must have bee
  10. And one more: I did a pc scan with Avast and the results showed that a dozen files in C:|System Volume Information\restore{numbers....}\RP493 \A0045700.exe|>images\(various extensions).png (all files re .png) CANNOT BE SCANNED and the status is 'Error:Archive is password protected(42056). What to do?
  11. One more thing: There is a folder in the E drive now that i transferred (when infection took place) earlier in the week, from the desktop of the pc. It is around 8 GB and contains mostly pictures and some mp video files. While all the other picture folders in the E drive can be opened and viewed ok, this folder which came from the desk top, cannot be viewed (the pictures). There is a message when MS Office Manager tries to open them, which says there is an incompatible form. Yet they are .jpg files! Could it be that during the infection, some relevant program files, did not update ok, BUT i
  12. Sorry I meant this (which is to cover hidden files, called Enable Hidden) http://www61.zippysh...57637/file.html which i applied to the E drive files and which did hide one of them (the rest were hidden after i called a Mcafee technician and showed me how to hide from the 'view' system files. The temp folder with the long name of letters and numbers i deleted it. SO, the E drive issue is over. OR this http://www58.zippysh...68485/file.html which is to apply a DOS command (.dat file) to the registry of the infected (yet fixed) pc to fix what (?) exactly? anyhow, i believe you are r
  13. http://www58.zippysh...68485/file.html or http://www58.zippysh...68485/file.html i am having a nightmare of a day.
  14. Ref your post 140 above, i downloaded and executed http://www58.zippysh...68485/file.html It flashes (opens and closes very fast) an MSDOS like black window. That s all. The 'decrypt_instruction' files have not been erased.
  15. Correction on my post 144 above:these three files under the folder no 2 i listed earlier (of E drive) do not appear anymore. an REQ file titled $shtdwn$.req - same modification date - spmsg.dll (modified last 30.11.2007) - spunist.exe (modified 30.11.2007)
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