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  1. I see. Thank you very much. . .I've updated to 2173 and all looks well.
  2. Greetings, The above mentioned update loop also disables the IP Protection module. I am able to manually enable the module.
  3. Please pardon the lack of test results, but I can assure you I do not have a measurable or perceptible variance in bandwidth with IP protection enabled.
  4. some further. . . File was executed from boot, and error message 'MBAM service was terminated unexpectedly' was returned after he hit ignore detection. Windows installer would not uninstall or even initiate an uninstall process. We're gonna attempt to reproduce the scenario with vm sometime this weekend, I'm curious why MBAM would terminate arbitrarily. Any more questions please feel free. . . Current status - HDD image restored to pre-detection state. Thank you kindly.
  5. can't say affirmatively. . .most likely was. . . .will confirm and reply.
  6. Early this morning a co-worker downloaded a device emulator from microsoft's website, and his laptop immediately came to a halt following a subsequent MBAM protection prompt advising detection of backdoor.bot in the msi package attempting to execute. He called me over the phone for suggestions (I was on my way out) and I told him submit the file for testing (can't do - it's over 700MB). . .or post a log in the help section of the forum. . . .Is something wrong with msi packages from microsoft web pages that seemingly cause fp's or something relative? He swears up and down that this is not the first time a microsoft download was flagged by MBAM. Any thoughts?
  7. Telesur.net, south American media site is blocked by IP protection. Please help.
  8. RESOLVED! ...downloaded definition ver. 2557 - IP BLOCK now functions flawlessly on my machine. Problem detailed in OP solved - excellent work guys. Thank you very much.
  9. ...as of def. version 2556 - problem persists.
  10. ..again - your post appears rather disingenuous. It DOES NOT prove that you infact were able to browse to the site with MBAM IP BLOCK active. You may have merely surfed there and then activated the IP Block and then captured the screen. I have provided evidence to back up my op. Also, the IP BLOCK dialog continues to appear well after I have attempted navigation to the blocked site, sometimes several times over.
  11. ...screen of me trying to navigate from one site to rense.com...notice the IP block dialog at the upper right hand corner.
  12. I'm not going screen for screen....I can post screencaps as well - but I won't. The module is blocking at least one site in error, I'm just seeking rectification. Your screencap proves nothing other than the fact you were able to view the site on a screen. No proof that the IP module is installed and active, nor that mine isn't.
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