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  1. Hi Kahml, it is the Dashboard. This area goes over threats found, cleaned, Top 10 infected endpoints, Top 10 malware found. The Real-Time Protection area shows all activity for each portion of the running real-time engines; web and file for mbam, exploit mitigation for mbae and and ransom behavior for mbarw.
  2. Also which installers were used, does everyone have the correct .Net prerequisites in place?
  3. Has everyone here completed their external access requirements? You can be found in the admin guide on page 2 - MBQSG.pdf and in our KB area here - https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1760 External Access Requirements - If your company’s Internet access is controlled by a firewall or other access-limiting device, you must grant access for endpoint agents to reach Malwarebytes services. https://cloud.malwarebytes.com https://telemetry.malwarebytes.com https://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com https://data-cdn-static.mbamupdates.com https://keystone.mwbsys.com https://data.service.malwarebytes.com https://meps.mwbsys.com https://keystone-akamai.mwbsys.com https://socket.malwarebytes.com https://sirius.mwbsys.com https://hubble.mb-cosmos.com https://blitz.mb-cosmos.com https://cdn.mwbsys.com https://ark.mwbsys.com All are port 443 outbound.
  4. Extremely. I am actually working on KB's that will go over initial setup and configuration. I apologize that you got trapped in that. Hop into your default policy, go to the endpoint protection section, and turn on the main piece. Once that is done, all the machines tied to this policy via the group will then pull down the protection pieces, from there they will then be able to process what you've asked them to do. Also be aware that the Anti-Ransomware portion does not support server OS at all. Any servers you have are going to need their own group and policy with the Anti-Ransomware portion turned off.
  5. Hi @kahml are you still using the default policy or have you set up your own policy yet? The program's initial install during deployment is only the communicator and the platform. You'll need to flesh out a group and policy, with the pieces of the software which will actually do the protection and scanning, set to be pulled to the endpoint by the communicator/platform piece.
  6. @jake_ I do not see a purchase under the email for Propertons to match you to the sales agent that would've part of your original purchase so that your seat count can be increased. Did you originally purchased through a reseller or another third party? Perhaps a different email?
  7. @BRAM email corporate-support@malwarebytes.com to open a case, we'll need more information specifically from your machines and do a deeper dive than what we can do here on the forum.
  8. It is the part of the real-time protection, that has been a feature of the paid Malwarebytes. This is the equivalent to the older version's "malicious file protection" with a re-branded name. The reason that real-time features cannot be used is they create a new MB process with every connection made, these can add up to the point where it can bring the server down. So we suggest to only use the scanner function in cases like this.
  9. @BRAM, thanks for clarifying. Please keep me up to date on how it goes with your GP rollout. Do you have a case open already?
  10. @BRAM, did you already have a previous issue with shutdown loops, long shutdown times or hung shutdown with MBARW? I've had that issue pop-up about three times. It is very hard to diagnose because it is during shutdown and no tools will work during that time. Windows Event Viewer doesn't offer many clues either. Also did you click through the update via the notification or push the new version over the top of the existing using the installers? It would be my suggestion to try to uninstall the old version first then deploy the new, see if that helps your situation.
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