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  1. Anti-Ransomware is not supported on server OS, it is for desktop OS, Win 7 and up only. Please remove it from your server.
  2. @wiggy what version number and CU number is in use for your ARW side? We released a fix for the temp profile but have inadvertently introduced a memory leak to some PC's. For the future, if you end up with the temp profile bug, there's no need to restore the PC, restarting the machine is usually enough to get back into the actual profile.
  3. @RKLimited we've had an update to the build the Mac version runs since this time, I'm sorry for not being able to get to this post much sooner, have you observed that the updated build has taken care of this or is this something you are still experiencing?
  4. Yes, that is correct. The EP protection portion of the product is based on MB3 consumer, to bring MB3's new tech into our corporate offerings.
  5. @aaronstpierre did any of the over the air fixes we've been putting out since your post date help with your issue?
  6. I did not say that you needed to go to that sort of extreme, a scan every minute of the day, nor did I say we would never add that as a feature. I was giving solutions for "right now", to get around the current limitations, and work with what does exist in the here and now. You quoted my post, yet I feel like you may have glossed over the entire point, the info there in that last sentence... There are many features planned and in store for you guys, with a target culmination of Q1 in 2018. I know you guys have had patience, thank you for that, but we all still need to hang tight. We welcome constructive feedback around what you want to see and be able to do in the cloud console, and those of us in support will do our best to help get your voices heard and steer the product towards that.
  7. The ticket was forwarded to the sales team on Sept 22nd. The Sales Engineer that reached out was a direct result from your submitted ticket. The ticket was closed on the support side once the Sales Engineer reached out.
  8. VB6 error, got it. I'm wondering if you're hitting a desktop heap memory issue, I take it these servers are up for a long amount of time? If that's the case, Anti-Malware may be unable to being its scanning if the heap memory is low. The more user profiles tied to the machine, the worse it can be. Big symptoms start around 80 roaming profiles. Are these in a terminal services role at all?
  9. @DBPaul, I understand your wait has been frustrating. To be upfront with you, our reply time has suffered in the wake of hurricane Irma hitting one of our offices where a decent portion of our B2B support staff works. Whiile those folks were unable to work, the case load had increased to the point where we were, and still are, playing catch up. The response time is usually much better, but right now direct case emails and forum replies are behind. And yes, you are correct, the reporting in the console is not customizable at all or exportable. I've mentioned this here: And here: The report panes are live SQL queries ran each time you click that category or login and land on the Home pane. To go custom in your reporting would require you accessing the SQL directly as you have been doing. We are also free to share the DB's schema if you need it for your query writing. Here's the database schema for console 1.8 - https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/yzov412l8bydq85v5j5kx82ifhnrqz00 Our SQL connections are like this: External SQL use allows for remote connections but you must use an SQL logon, no Window's credentials are supported in this mode. Embedded SQL does not allow for remote connections at all, you must perform the commands locally to the server with the SQL Express DB install. Window's credentials are supported in this mode. If your current account does not have permissions over the embedded DB, run this script (make sure to right clicked as admin), as written by Microsoft, to grant SQL DB permissions to the user who is running it. Add Self to SQL - https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/f3eu99g8f6p00xvyftt4uttu7nwd1d1
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