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  1. I made a mistake and I wanted to change my approach to the subject. You're right, I could've done more behind the scenes first, querying the mod who had hid the post to see if they had contacted you to discuss it. I apologize for that.

    To summarize and soften the message, this was the point I was trying to make; guys, if you have a higher tier support than the default free email level, please don't share your contact channels. It has the potential to negatively impact that service for everyone on the tier, the customers like yourself that use it, the employees that maintain it and the documentation that surrounds it.

  2. I was giving a stern warning, I didn't threaten anyone. I edited the post as I wanted to change my approach and bring this serious concern up with Brent directly in a PM later. But as you can see, it didn't go down like that.

    24 hours is your SLA for free support through email. Phone calls are 4 hours.

    I'm not in control of hiring staff.

  3. @BrentB9193 I was trying to be less harsh since the number is hidden now, but I can't really know the extent of the damage. You having the number and calling it is verification that you bought the service. You're doing yourself, and everyone else that purchased this support level, a disservice by sharing a private number for priority service you paid for, if everyone has the number due to it being released publicly we will no longer be able to effectively serve those that opted in, with us possible needing to change the number if it gets out of hand. And yes, we can revoke it if you keep posting it irresponsibly.

  4. The endpoint tray is still used for other processes in the application, there will still be event viewer entries and the process will be there, it just will not display in the system tray.

    Additionally, the refresh assets and check for protection updates will not update the new version fields, sending the machine a scan will which is what Vlad was trying to point out. The fix is coming. Yes I get it, it's another broken feature, spare your trash talk.

  5. We've put the warning system in place at the beginning of March. The emails are coming from "Malwarebytes Product Team <info@malwarebytes.com>" with the subject line like "Malwarebytes cloud console – Scheduled Downtime", they are sent to all email addresses that have a logon to the cloud product. These email's notifications are also replicated on this sticky thread (you can subscribe to this thread) - 


    And the front page of the KB / Support page - https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/business

  6. On 2/28/2018 at 10:03 AM, IT_Guy said:

    I've made the request multiple times that that information is available on the Endpoints screen, both the latest builds listed at the top and the ability to show what version each endpoint is running without having to click on them.

    I've been told repeatedly it is coming in the 'next' version upgrade.


    It's been out since Feb 6th, you're just going to have to click on it to see :rolleyes:

    • Added product Version and Protection Update fields to Agent Info within Endpoint Overview
  7. @MikePahl318 MBAE is not broken, CScript launching in particular ways with homebrew apps, browser add-ons, office doc opening or printing scripts and can trigger it depending on what you are having CScript do or what calls it. If it is Explorer.exe or a browser calling it, that's a no no as that is typical exploit behavior, basically your browser has no business running command line. We will need to review your MBAE hit to give you a workaround for it. Did you have a case open for that already?

  8. @jarodss there's a few services without the name "malwarebytes" or "mbam" in it from old MBMC deployments. A new install from a freshly downloaded cloud agent installer will have the new pre-cleaning ability in it to help with this issue following upgrades. This was part of the Feb 6th maintenance - 


    • Fixed: Customers migrating from legacy Malwarebytes products (including Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v1.6, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit v1.08, and Malwarebytes Management Console v1.6) will require 2 reboots in a row to complete the installation
    • Fixed: Some customers who have already migrated from legacy Malwarebytes products were stuck in a reboot loop during the last cloud update due to legacy products leaving behind orphaned registry keys

    @roryschmitz the delete-on-reboot function will work with any reboot, you're not loosing functionality and taking any risks, it is not necessary to reboot right away, the behavior is still stopped and the item is still quarantined, if it does get marked as DOR, again, that can happen during any old reboot.


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