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  1. Question... can this trojan/infection spread to other sites on this ip address??
  2. i found it weird cause all he uses on this site are the same forums you use here.. he has nothing else except IP Board addons
  3. ah ok.. i will let the site owner know as he is very curious as to why
  4. please dis-regard this message i found a better solution spot to post on these forums...
  5. hxxp://www.crashthenet.ca domain associated with ip address (GO DADDY) been going to the site for years and as of last night i keep getting potentially malicious website blocked. I have excluded this domain and ip address to keep getting the message. works fine when i disable the website protection. I have done many online scans on the site just to make sure its clean I am guessing false positive on this site. I am not sure how it works but i am guessing that a domain name on that ip address might have something wrong and its affecting all the sites listed with that ip address range. I have found a list online of sites using that ip address and all the ones i typed in came up malicious. One of the crappy things with shared hosting
  6. I been going to a certain site for a very long time I know its safe as I have done some of the online scan checks of it. Yesterday i was able to go to this site fine and last night i kept getting the potentially malicious website blocked So when the pop came up i clicked exclude but this message keeps appearing even after excluding that domain name and its ip address. The only way i can access this site is by disabling the website protection. any ideas on how i can get around this. I have limited myself on web browsing today and sticking to well known sites
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