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  1. daledoc1, Here are the logs you asked for from my sisters laptop. Will await your reply. Thanks. VB873 Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. I had been raving about Malwarebytes to my sister, since I have bought and installed on my computers. Now I'm not so sure I should have. She finally tried the free download on her laptop, and desktop computers. Since scanning with it, her laptop only works in safe mode and her desktop crashes right after it starts up . She more or less can't use the desktop. She can't use her printer either. The laptop keeps referring to registry files missing. She said she did what was recommended -Quarantine the files. Evidently she had many bad files and some were registry files that she said had pups among them. She saide she can't get the quarantine files to come up to try to restore them. I feel so bad I encouraged her to use it. I don't know of anyway to fix this, other than her taking them in to some shop and paying some one to fix them. Any suggestions??
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