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  1. I found the "Weekly" setting didn't work. After wasting a lot of time with MB email support, I found that scheduling for Daily, repeat every 7 days performs the weekly scans I want.
  2. Isn't he saying he has to set the schedules every time he opens MWB? That is not normal.
  3. For several days, when I tried to open Chrome, I'd get this message: Page(s) Unresponsive. The following page(s) have become unresponsive..."Untitled" Kill pages Wait, "Kill" and "Wait" had no effect. I tried a number of fixes from the web, finally had a technician come to my PC (using Windows 7). After almost an hour, he hadn't cured the problem. He asked if I'd installed any programs recently. Yes, Anti-Exploit Free. He turned off Anti-Exploit. Problem solved, Chrome/Google worked normally. Anti-Exploit was free. Removing the problem it caused cost $100.
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