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  1. I have added manual exclusions, and have no idea how Malwarebytes ID'd them as Trojans in the first place. Please exclude these objects in your next release.
  2. What the hell Malwarebytes? I just purchased another freaking license because of this crap. Your support is down and your licensing server is down. I AM NOT FREAKING HAPPY.
  3. I have the same problem. Windows 10 Pro, NIS, malwarebytes premium. In the windows services, the service shows "stopping" I tried to change disable the service and cold boot, but that did not help. I cannot uninstall it (probably because the service won't start). Can someone please point me in the right direction? This is very frustrating. See screenshot...
  4. Thanks for the reply! I am running the vanilla windows 8.1 Pro L2TP /IPsec vpn with the MS-CHAP v2 protocol. I can establish the VPN tunnel without any problems but cannot connect to the servers via RDP when MalwareBytes is running. I am using NIS and to provide virus protection and that never has any problems with RDC. All of my evidence seems to point to something in MalwareBytes. I will give the application logs a review and post back here if I have any questions, or run into a dead end.
  5. Update: The application just auto updated, but I still have the RDC problem
  6. HI, Okay, now that windows 10 is coming out, I would like to try to figure out why two things keep happening: 1. I still have to kill malwarebytes when I establish a vpn and then try to RDP to my server corporate server infrastructure. 2. Malwarebytes will not auto update. I think I have attached all of the logs requested. FRST.txtCheckResults.txtAddition.txt
  7. Okay, but why is malwarebytes preventing the connection in the first place? It should not be doing this, and if it does, it needs to at least tell the user that it is preventing the connection.
  8. The screeshot mentioned above is attached. I could not find where to edit my original post to include it there.
  9. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro. For some reason, must exit MalwareBytes (running at startup) or I will never be able to connect to the session via rdp. I am using a VPN client to establish a tunnel to my comapny and then RDP from my client to my work servers. If I exit MalwareBytes (in system tray) I can establish a connection to the servers at my company with no trouble. See attachment.
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