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  1. I've been using MBAM for a while now, and have only had problems with the program since this summer. However, those problems were fixed, but not they have come back again. I am using MBAM v2014.11.02.06 at the moment. Already, I have done several clean re-installations and downloaded it again, only to find out that I am still having the same problem in that when I load up my MBAM: (see picture 1) Whenever I try to click on any button (scan, settings, history, Scan Now), the program acts as if I had not done anything and does not respond at all. It is as if I didn't even click anything. Eventually, it crashes. Sometimes I am able to click the "Settings" or "History" but when I try to click "Scan Now" it freezes on me again, and it's frustrating. My computer is having some problems and I've always been a loyal supporter of MBAM, but this is getting kind of ridiculous now. Please help, I am desperate.
  2. I have used MBAM for a long time now and have never had any troubles with it. However, ever since I downloaded the new version (the current version), I have had many issues. If in the slight chance that MBAM decides to cooperate with me, I will run a scan. However, usually half-way through the scan MBAM simply quits on me and shuts down completely. More recently, though, every time I try to start MBAM up, it does not let me click buttons. If I click on "Scan Now", the program does nothing. It was as if I had not even clicked anything at all. This is the same with "Settings, Scan, History, Update Now, etc." Sometimes the program will just close down. I already restarted my computer, downloaded MBAM clean and used that, redownloaded MBAM, but nothing seems to work. I do have Avast, if that matters at all. Please help. Thank you!
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