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  1. Won't let me upload the zip/exe since it is >30MB. Attaching logs. I put the whole zip into my Dropbox. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6k8v3v1p4y3r51s/Archive.zip?dl=0 021515-protection.txt 021515-scan.txt 022315-protection.txt 022315-protection.xml 022515-scan.txt
  2. OK - I grabbed the scan/daily logs for the day when everything started and todays. How do I upload them? I also have the iTunesSetup file that I found on the machine but not sure if it is the cause since everything I scan it with says there isn't a problem with it.
  3. Forgot to mention this is a Windows 8.1 laptop. Upon further digging, it looks like "PcTechHotline" is part of "Spyware Clear"
  4. I talked a client into purchasing Malwarebytes since I always try to sell MB as being the best to clean and protect against mal/spyware. Imagine my surprise when they call me a week later with numerous popups/fake spyware/repair and other problems to the point of the computer being unusable. Yes, I did a full A/V and MB scan after installing MB on this new machine. The culprit was them attempting to download/install iTunes (bogus package) which then installed multiple malware/spyware/pups - not being stopped by MB. Among the junk was: 1. PCTuner Pro 2. SpywareClear 3. Unchecky 4. Portable Weatherapp 5. Binkiland 6. PcTechHotline A full scan with MB after I got ahold of the machine did not inidicate SpywareClear and a few others - it did find #5 and #6 and a few other pieces in temp. Even when I had MB quarantine everything, it wasn't completely thorough. Some of these I uninstalled manually. The major one (SpywareClear) was removed via ADWCleaner and JunkWareRemover. MBAR was clear. Then I ran another full scan (yes, I made sure it checked for updates) and it said all-clear. But when I installed and ran SuperAntiSpyware, it still found remnants of SpywareClear and Binkiland. So, what gives?
  5. I recommend and have installed Malwarebytes (purchased/Pro) on numerous clients (Windows 7 Home, Pro and Ultimate as well as XP) I support. The constant complaint I get is with the "database out of date" message. Currently, this is happening on 5-different client machines. Never saw this with V1. I am running the absolute latest 2.02. I have uninstalled and reinstalled - numerous times. I have tried mbam-clean. Simply clicking on "update" doesn't work / fails. The only way I have gotten an update to manually work (once it is stuck in this loop) is to shut-down mbam, start it using "run as administrator" (eventhough all of these machines are administrators / single users) and then the update button works. I see quite a few posts with similar issues with varying degrees of resolution.
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