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  1. It actually got worse. I rebooted my computer and was getting shortcut errors when ever I ran any office product (Outlook, word, excel). Did a repair and it all came back. Unfortunately I uninstalled Anit-Ransomware to avoid this problem and it looks like it deleted the files you want me to send. There is still a folder C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\ but it only has about 10 files in it (all with a .arw extension). the logs directory is gone. I am tempted to re-install now I know that a repair of office fixed it but unfortunately I do not have the files to send (unless you want those .arw files still)
  2. as a follow up to this, my Office 365 no longer works and I can not find where the file was "quarantined". The app does not show anything quarantined so, there is nothing to restore.
  3. Been running the beta for a couple of weeks now with no issues (or reports). This morning I received a "Ransomeware Detected" message for OfficeClickToRun.exe. From what I have seen this is a process that Office 365 needs/uses. I do have Office 365 installed. It said the action completed was Moved to Quarantine, yet when I go look at the Quarantine, it is not there. Unsure if it actually did the action it reported.
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