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  1. The new free version seems to have fixed the problem with Chrome.
  2. Yes, but in my case I've never had Hitman Pro Alert installed. I'm aware of that conflict. Since he stated "In your case according to the logs the conflict seems due to having both HitmanPro and MBAE. The root of the conflict is very similar in both cases (hmp and BitDefender) and we're already looking for a solution. " I decide to uninstall Hitman Pro and see if that also was causing a problem with MBAE since that was news to me. Now we know.
  3. Okay. I uninstalled the free version of HitMan Pro. It was set to scan at start up. I seldom reboot this desktop. I uninstalled HitMan Pro and tried to open Chrome. Same behavior. I then shut down the desktop and then booted up the desktop. I searched and can not find any traces of HitMan Pro. I tried opening Chrome. Same behavior as before. Chrome never finishes loading and states not responding. If I "Stop Protection" in MBAE I can then open Chrome correctly. I don't think HitMan Pro is my problem either.
  4. pbust, don't forget me. I'm not running BitDefender or EMET. I still have the same problem with Chrome as these others in this thread.
  5. I'm running the experimental version. In the last couple of days, chrome won't start unless I stop MBAE. Chrome just hangs trying to start and stops responding. If I close chrome and then stop protection in MBAE, I can then start chrome. I can then start MBAE again and use chrome until I close chrome. I see others are having this same problem in the non experimental forum. I don't run Bit Defender. Logs attatched below. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.7z Attach.txtDDS.txt
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